16 Essential Guidelines for Safe and Proper Power Take-Off Mounting

Wherever They are Mounted PTO Safety Guidelines Need to be Enforced guy under truck Chelsea Products DivisionIncorrect installation of a Power Take-Off (PTO) may cause the PTO and/or the gearbox to break and damage other parts as well as cause death, personal injury and property damage. Therefore, PTOs should be mounted by qualified personnel with suitable tools and measurement instruments by carefully following the installation guidelines. The specific guidelines are similar no matter the manufacturer and include the following takeaways:

  1. Read carefully and follow the information and instructions in all Parker Chelsea owner’s manuals, service manuals, warning labels, and other instructions.

  2. Only allow properly trained and knowledgeable personnel to install, maintain or repair equipment.

  3. Never work alone while under a vehicle or while installing, repairing or maintaining equipment.

  4. Use personal protection and precautions set out by the current regulation on safety in the workplace (for example safety glasses, gloves, and shoes).  

  5. Before installing the PTO, check that the vehicle's clutch and transmission work correctly and that the gearbox does not produce any anomalous noises or issues.

  6. Ensure the truck cannot be involuntarily started.

  7. Avoid any contact between the shaft and any object, and protect the working area to prevent contact with body parts or clothing. Rotating auxiliary driveshafts can snag clothes, skin, hair, hands, etc. causing injury or death.
    Wherever They are Mounted PTO Safety Guidelines Need to be Enforced safety diagram chelsea products division

  8. Take caution when draining any transmission fluid as it could reach temperatures over 200 degrees Fahrenheit (F). Make sure it does not come into contact with the installer.

  9. Install the PTOs with the vehicle placed on a flat surface, so that oil levels in the gearbox can be checked correctly.

  10. Only use the components contained in the PTO packaging and related accessories (assembly kit, auxiliary shafts, and adapters). Never use worn-out or damaged components.

  11. Only use gaskets supplied.

  12. Do not use gasket eliminator or form gasket, unless explicitly indicated in the instructions.

  13. It is advisable to use a Loctite 243 or equivalent thread locker to tighten the studs and screws. Clean threads before applying the thread locker.

  14. Some PTOs are considerably heavy. Use adequate lifting or resting systems to prevent muscle strain and crushing hazards.

  15. Never operate the controls of the PTO or other driven equipment from any position that could result in the operator or bystanders getting caught in moving machinery.

  16. Ensure included PTO safety labels are affixed to the chassis and cab of the truck per the PTO owner’s manual.

A power take-off must be properly matched to the vehicle transmission and to the auxiliary equipment being powered. An improperly matched power take-off could cause severe damage to the vehicle transmission, the auxiliary driveshaft, and/or to the auxiliary equipment being powered. Damaged components or equipment could malfunction causing serious personal injury to the vehicle operator or to others nearby.

To avoid personal injury and/or equipment damage always refer to Chelsea catalogs, literature, and owner’s manuals and follow Chelsea recommendations when selecting, installing, repairing or operating a PTO which can be accessed on our website



Wherever They are Mounted PTO Safety Guidelines Need to be Enforced Michael Mabrouk Chelsea Products DivisionThis article was contributed by Michael Mabrouk, marketing leadership associate, Chelsea Products Division, Parker Hannifin Corporation.





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