17 FAQs About On-Site Nitrogen Gas Generators for Nitro Coffee

17 FAQs About On-Site Nitrogen Gas Generators for Nitro Coffee - Nitro Coffee - Parker HannifinThe popularity of cold drink alternatives to diet sodas has paved the way for the emergence of trendy nitro beverages. In response, coffee shops and convenience stores are adding nitro cold brew coffee and nitro teas to their menus.

As they scale up to meet the demand for nitro beverages, many shops are realizing that using nitrogen tanks to infuse these beverages is not ideal. High-pressure nitrogen tanks are dangerous, particularly in a retail establishment with workers untrained to handle them. Nitrogen tanks require special care in transport, leaving the stores reliant on gas delivery services. Nitrogen cylinders also can run out of gas without warning, frustrating workers and disappointing customers. 

An on-site nitrogen gas generator, such as the Parker nitrogen generator for beverage dispense, is an alternative to a delivered gas supply and offers many benefits, including:

  • Plug and play operation.
  • Long-term cost stability – vendor price increases, contract negotiations, long-term commitments, delivery fees and hazmat charges are eliminated.
  • Safety –  eliminates the need to handle high-pressure nitrogen cylinders. Meets 12 international safety standards including NSF and cULus.

If you are considering switching from a delivered nitrogen supply to an on-site nitrogen generator, we’ve compiled a list of our top frequently asked questions to help with your decision.


17 Frequently asked questions about Parker nitrogen generators for beverage dispense

17 FAQs About On-Site Nitrogen Gas Generators for Nitro Coffee - Parker Nitrogen Generator for Beverage Dispense - Parker Hannifin1. What experience does Parker have with making nitrogen generators for beverage applications?

Parker has been making generators for beverage dispense for over 35 years. Parker was the first licensee of the technology in the US and is the leading supplier of generators to the beverage dispense market worldwide. Thousands of restaurants and wineries rely on Parker nitrogen.

2. Air is 78% nitrogen, why not just use air for nitro cold brew?

Air is 21% oxygen, which is the issue for coffee, especially cold brew. Oxygen reacts with the flavor molecules and forms larger bubbles in coffee so the head does not look or feel as good when consumed. Also, the head won't last as long as it does with nitrogen.

3. How pure is the nitrogen?

The Parker nitrogen generator purifies to 99.9% nitrogen, removing all impurities. The final stage of sterile filtration is FDA compliant and NSF certified and rated at 99.9999+% removal of all microbial contaminants greater than 0.01 microns — a 6-log reduction of bacteria, mold and spores.

4. How big is a nitrogen generator? I don't have a lot of space in my coffee shop.

The generator is sized to take up no more space than two small high-pressure tanks. It can fit under the counter or can be located as far away as 300 feet.

5. What maintenance is required on the generator?

The generator should be inspected annually. To remove built-up dust, change out five filters. About every three years there is a valve that needs replacement and the compressor may need to be replaced depending on service hours.

6. How loud is this generator?

The generator operates at 59 db or less, about the level of a normal conversation.

7. How is the generator installed?

The generator comes with a simple step-by-step quick-start guide. You'll have nitrogen in less than 20 minutes. You can locate it next to the kegerator or up to 300 feet away.

8. Is a nitrogen generator safe?

Yes. Nitrogen generators pull N2 from the air and operate at low pressure compared to high-pressure nitrogen tanks. They meet 12 international safety standards including cULus, NSF, and the rigorous Japan Health Ministry standard.

9. Is this a "green" product?  

Yes, A generator uses a small amount of electricity. In comparison, nitrogen tanks are filled at a factory using an energy-intensive cryogenic cooling process. Then the tanks are delivered on fossil fuel burning trucks. 

10. Where are the generators made?

Parker nitrogen generators are made in Haverhill, MA, USA, about an hour north of Boston.

11. Will these work overseas?

Yes, the systems are designed to support overseas voltages and international safety standards.

12. Is the generator under high pressure?

The generator does not store high-pressure nitrogen. High-pressure tanks hold upwards of 2000 psig, over 12 times higher pressure than a Parker generator.

13. Is the generator easy to install?

Yes, the generator is plug and play. Simply replace the existing nitrogen tank with the Parker generator and soon you are ready to pour nitro coffee.

14. Does Parker offer local service support?

Parker has factory-trained technicians available in the US, Canada and many countries abroad that can quickly be dispatched to your store in the unlikely event of a system outage.

15. Will I run out of nitrogen like I do with a tank?

Parker generators offer an unending supply of nitrogen. They work on demand. No need to swap out heavy, dangerous high-pressure tanks.

16. Can Parker custom engineer a system for us?

Parker has a team of dedicated engineers able to help you with your custom configuration. 

17. I work for a large chain, can Parker support large scale rollout?

Parker Hannifin is a multi-billion dollar Fortune 250 diversified manufacturer with more than enough capacity to support the needs of both large and small chains. Recently, Parker was selected to help roll out nitro cold brew to one of the largest coffee chains in the world.

To learn more about Parker nitrogen generators for beverage dispense, please visit our website.


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