3 Easy Steps to Configure a Wetline Kit for Your Work Truck

3 Easy Steps to Configure Work Truck Wetline Kits - Snow plow dump truck - Parker ChelseaWhen you think of dump trucks, moving floors, oil transfers, lowboys, live floors and roll-offs, your first thought might not be Wetline Kits. Instead, you probably think about the function of each of these trucks. But, none of them could operate without a Wetline Kit and Parker has the most comprehensive configuration system. Unlike other places where you buy a generic kit for your type of truck, Parker’s Wetline eConfigurator allows the user to build a Wetline Kit needed for a specific truck.

The beauty of Parker’s eConfigurator is that there is no wasted time in parts collating, using multiple suppliers or guesswork in component selection. With a few simple questions, it will walk you through choosing your Power Take Off (PTO) down to ensuring you have all the connections you need. As you go through the process, it gives you the control to design the kit to your truck’s exact needs.


Different kits for different jobs

If you use your truck for different kinds of jobs, Parker also offers the ability to create a combination system that allows greater flexibility in what trailers can be connected to your truck. Parker currently offers three combos:

  • The Standard Combo comes with a dump pump that is rated for up to 2500 PSI with the R/V set to 2440 PSI.  This combination is a versatile, cost-effective solution that works well in most setups. It allows you to connect dump trailers, lowboys and roll-offs. In addition, there is only one pressure setting, MPT Ports and standard in-cab controls. The Standard Combo, however, is not meant for heavier loads.
  • The Premium Combo uses a pump and valve system that is rated for up to 3000 PSI. It has easy to use in-cab controls that monitor two different pressure settings (2250 & 3000 PSI), O-ring ports for leak free hydraulics at high pressures and are able to handle a wide range of loads. Having the flexibility to monitor different settings does mean there will be multiple lines and the driver will have to know which pressure line to connect when quick coupling.
  • The Auto Combo, created for high flow applications, uses a pump and valve. There is no need for any special operation from inside the cab by the driver as the pressure settings are automatically monitored at 3200 and 2250 PSI. It also has O-ring ports for leak free hydraulics at high pressures, standard in-cab controls, faster unloading speeds and easy trailer connections.  

Both the Auto Combo and Premium Combo allow you to connect everything the Standard Combo does in addition to oil transfer, live bottom, frack and moving floor trailers.


3 Easy Steps to Configure a Wetline Kit for Your Work Truck - Wetline Kit components group - Parker Chelsea



3 Easy Steps to Configure a Wetline Kit for Your Work Truck - George Artem Regional Manager Parker Hannifin  Canada“We made this easier than in the past, as this was on a manual spreadsheet that was not available online. Now, this is available to be configured by anyone, be it the end user, dealer, truck distributor, etc. The most attractive feature in this eConfigurator is it supplies a list price, BOM and an installation drawing right from the website, which makes it very simple and quick.”

George Artem, sales manager for Parker Truck Products in Canada


3 easy steps for using the Wetline eConfigurator

  • To utilize the Wetline eConfigurator, simply go to our online Wetline Kits page, click the "public" button, then acknowledge the safety guidelines.
  • Begin by deciding the specific application you will be utilizing and how many lines your trailer needs.  
  • From there, you will need your transmission make and model number, which will allow it to tailor your part selections to your exact needs.
  • After those few pieces of information, the system will walk you step-by-step through the entire list of components needed to assemble a complete Wetline Kit. 


3 Easy Steps to Configure a Wetline Kit for Your Work Truck - Wetline Kit packaging - Parker ChelseaParker Wetline Kits and PTOs are shipped within 48 hours and are ready for immediate installation. Step-by-step prints are provided for your installer to make the installation quick and easy. 

Packing for the Wetline Kit comes in a single box, with the exception of the PTO, and includes all your selected components based on your application.



Wetline kits tailored to your truck

Wetline kits contain:

  •   Hydraulic tank
  •   Pump
  •   Specialty valves
  •   Hoses & fittings
  •   Quick connects
  •   Filtration
  •   In-Cab controls to operate your truck
  •   Chelsea PTOs

In addition to the convenience of having a kit tailored specifically to your truck, you also get the peace of mind of quality products. Parker offers many of the leading brands in the vocational truck industry, including Parker fluid connectors, Chelsea PTOs, commercial pumps, cylinders, Gresen valves and Racor filters. Parker is the only company to manufacture every component in a wetline system for the vocational truck market, so you know every part of the system meets Parker’s high-quality standards.

The eConfigurator is straightforward and designed to get you exactly what you need for your truck, with no guesswork. In a world where taking chances could mean your truck being down and not getting the job done, Parker Hannifin is there with the tools to make building and maintaining your truck easy.




3 Easy Steps to Configure a Wetline Kit for Your Work Truck - Nicholas Roberto, National Sales Manager - Parker HannifinArticle contributed by Nicholas Roberto, national sales manager, Vocational Truck Team, Parker Hannifin.





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I would like run a water pump on my truck. The pump is 500GPM,150PSI,5000RPM,and needs 65 Horsepower for peak output. Wondering if there is a wet Kit that can do that. Thanks Ted

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