3 Reasons Why Nitrogen is the Inert Gas of Choice for Winemakers

3 Reasons Why Nitrogen is the Inert Gas of Choice for Winemakers - Parker HannifinThe global wine market has never been more competitive, and customer expectations have never been higher. Facing a world of choice, buyers in the wine industry are increasingly turning to familiar brands for the reassurance of consistent quality, taste and affordability. The challenge for producers is to supply consumers’ favorite wines at the volume and cost required while ensuring that taste, character and enjoyment remain undiluted.

From fermentation to bottling, nitrogen has an important role to play in modern winemaking. Nitrogen is used for purging or blanketing tanks, racking barrels, flushing bottles, and at any point where the wine comes in contact with air.

Benefits of using nitrogen in wine production and processing include:

  1. Nitrogen can be generated on-site from your air compressor.
  2. Nitrogen is the most abundant gas in the earth's atmosphere, making it far less expensive than argon.
  3. Unlike carbon dioxide, nitrogen does not add the risk of adding carbonization to your wine. 


A cost-effective alternative

3 Reasons Why Nitrogen is the Inert Gas of Choice for Winemakers - Parker Winemaker Series Nitrogen Generator - Parker HannifinOn-site generation provides a reliable source of nitrogen at the lowest total cost available. Generating your own nitrogen eliminates the hassles of supplied cylinders, dewars or bulk nitrogen. A nitrogen generator, such as the Parker WineMaker series, produces 98 to 99.9 percent pure, dry nitrogen on-demand and dispels any concerns about lines icing up, running low, or running out of nitrogen. Features include:

  • Complete package with prefiltration, and receiving tank.
  • Digital Oxygen analyzer and Digital gas flow meter.
  • Plugs into 110 volt outlet.
  • Portable and expandable.
  • Lease to own options available.
  • Services wineries producing from 5,000 to 1 million+ cases.
  • Ensures minimal DO pickup.


Easy installation and operation

Installation is simple: pipe in compressed air and pipe out nitrogen. Just connect a standard compressed air line to the inlet of the generator, connect the outlet to your nitrogen line and the unit is ready for trouble-free operation. The system is designed to operate 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. There is no complicated operating procedure or labor-intensive monitoring involved. Simply select the purity your process requires and set the flow and
within minutes, high purity, dry nitrogen is available. Once the nitrogen generator is installed, the system requires very little maintenance.


Check out our infographic

3 Reasons Why Nitrogen is the Best Inert Gas Choice -Balston Winemaker - Gas Generator - Parker Hannifin


From Amarone to Zinfandel, Parker provides solutions for every variety of winemaking, and for the key stages in the production, storage and bottling process. We partner with food and beverage customers around the world, sharing expertise and know-how to develop new, better and more productive ways of making wine. 

Connect with us to learn more about on-stie nitrogen generation for your winery.


This post was contributed by the Filtration Technology Team, Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division


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