4 Reasons to Replace Your OEM Filter with BHA TotalPleat

4 Reason to Replace Your OEM Filter with BHA TotalPleat - Replace Your Donaldson PowerCore CP Filter Pack with BHA TotalPleat - Parker HannifinWith today's demands of increased industrial production and tighter emission controls, dust collectors can be pushed beyond their design limits. If they fail to keep up, production and profitability suffer.

Pleated filters and cartridges pack a lot of filtration surface into a small space. This results in narrow gas passages that get clogged by sticky dust. Optimizing pleat geometry to balance filtration area, gas velocities, and dust release is key to the Advanced Airflow Technology that keeps airflow passages free of dust accumulation in the new BHA® TotalPleat™ filters. Dust doesn’t get trapped! 


It's in the design

Parker Hannifin engineers applied extensive computational fluid dynamics modeling during the research and design of TotalPleat™ to analyze the effects of the cleaning pulse as it strikes the filter’s top face. The cleaning pulse of the collector strikes the back half of the filter at an angle and typically is intended to flow unaided toward the front half. For more cleaning power, BHA® TotalPleat™ is designed with an inclined, louvered grid that deflects a portion of the cleaning pulse toward the front of the filter to evenly distribute it across the entire filter.

The Parker Hannifin BHA® TotalPleat™ aftermarket replacement filter is a cost-effective alternative to the PowerCore® filter pack for the Donaldson PowerCore® CP dust collector. Parker Hannifin’s proprietary MERV 15 TotalPleat™ filter provides significant advantages over the PowerCore® design; specifically, customers report longer filter life.


BHA® TotalPleat™ delivers long filter life. Learn for yourself with our handy infographic or download the white paper and Learn more about the engineering behind BHA TotalPleat


4 Reasons to Replace Your OEM Filter with BHA Total Pleat - full infographic - Parker IGFG Division



TotalPleat™ was specifically developed to fit Donaldson PowerCore® CP dust collectors, part numbers P032358-016-340 and P280356-016-340. This new filter features an innovative design that minimizes pressure drop, provides meaningful energy savings and results in extended useful filter life.


This blog was contributed the Filtration Team, Parker Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division.


Powercore® is a registered trademark of Donaldson Company, Inc.


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