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4 Steps to Online Hydraulic Hose Assembly Replacement

Online Hydraulic Hose Replacement Shipped to you Hose Assembly with PTS IDWhen you need to have a custom hydraulic hose replaced, you need assurance that the hose assembly you ordered is exactly what you need. Hose assemblies are not as simple as they seem, installing an inferior hose can lead to a number of future problems with your equipment.

Parker has the largest selection of hydraulic hoses, hydraulic hose fittings, and hose configurations to efficiently meet all our customers' needs. All of our products are manufactured to the highest standard that we take pride in. When you buy a Parker hose, you are getting a Parker designed hydraulic hose made worldwide within our own factories assembled by Parker employees.

There is no easier way of knowing that you are getting the replacement hose assembly you need than relying on our Parker Tracking System (PTS). PTS is Parker’s innovative tagging and asset management system that lets you record, manage, and retrieve all your critical asset information.

PTS ID tags have long increased the speed and accuracy of your next hydraulic hose replacement. Using Parker’s mobile app equipment, owners can scan the PTS ID to quickly and more easily learn about their hose assembly. Onsite hydraulic hose replacement at Parker Stores and Parker distributors can ensure that the replacement hose assembly is right for you.


Hydraulic hose replacement just got easier and more convenient

4 Steps to Online Hydraulic Hose Assembly Replacement PTS Tag Fluid Connector Group

Parker hydraulic hose assemblies with PTS ID numbers can now be ordered online from parker.com and delivered to you. Your custom hydraulic hose assembly will be fulfilled by a Parker distributor. 

Parker’s qualified network of distributors are trained professionals when it comes to hydraulic hose assemblies, which serves as an extra layer of confidence, that you are ordering the hose assembly replacement you need. The steps to order your online hose assembly replacement are easy.


Step 1. Enter your PTIS ID number

4 Steps to Online Hydraulic Hose ReplacementYour PTS ID number is the only configuration specification you need. With this number, you do not need to enter custom specifications, and worry that you got them right, the PTS ID number has it for you. To get started enter your PTS ID in the product search bar on www.parker.com.

Step 2. A match to the PTS ID number will be acknowledged

4 Steps to Online Hydraulic Hose Replacement Step 2

There are over 15 million PTS ID tagged hose assemblies.  When you enter your PTS ID number in the product search bar on www.parker.com, our ordering system will automatically match your PTS ID number to an orderable hydraulic hose assembly.

Step 3. Detail about your hose replacement with the price

4 Steps to Online Hydraulic Hose Replacement Step 3

The fulfillment distributor can now automatically see the components that comprised the bill of materials for your hydraulic hose assembly.  You will be confident that the hose is engineered with the latest Parker product innovations. The price for your hose assembly will be outlined for you as well.

Step 4. Buy now to complete the ordering process

4 Steps to Online Hydraulic Hose Replacement Step 4

Simply click the buy now button to complete your transaction.  You will need to provide your shipping information and credit card details to complete the order.  Any questions about your order should be directed to the fulfilling distributor who will be clearly outlined in our order confirmation details.


Now, that it is easy and convenient, follow these four steps to order your PTS ID hose assembly online from www.parker.com, and it will be shipped directly to your location.


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