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If you happened to miss the first three steps in our blog post series on 5 Considerations for Hydraulic Hose Replacement, this series is taking you step by step through the S.T.A.M.P. method. To recap:

  • No. 1: Size. Understand the correlation between hose I.D. size and flow velocity for system efficiency.
  • No. 2: Temperature. Consider both ambient and media temperature's effects.
  • No. 3: Application. Identify important requirements specific to your application.

We introduced media back in Step #2 when we discussed Temperature. Temperature is not the only element of the media you'll want to consider when looking at what hose to select. An important factor will be its compatibility with the hose materials. A hydraulic hose is constructed of the inner core tube, reinforcement layer and outer cover. With an assembly, you also subject fittings and seals to the media as well. The chemical compatibility of the media should cover the assembly in its entirety. If not, you risk issues ranging from hose cover blisters, erosion or deterioration that can contaminate and damage your entire system. Watch our ParkerStore Identification of Hose Failures video on our website for more information about chemical compatibility and potential damage.

5 Considerations for Hydraulic Hose Replacement I No. 4 Media - Group of Parker Hose Products - ParkerStore Parker Hannifin








In the back of the Parker Hose Products catalog 4400 is a Chemical Resistance Chart to aid in identifying the fluid from your application and verifying its compatibility with the hose materials.If you’re concerned about the compatibility of your media in your current application, contact your local ParkerStore to help identify a solution best suited for your needs.

The next blog post in our series is the fifth and final step in the S.T.A.M.P. method: Pressure. If you can’t wait until then, check out the ParkerStore S.T.A.M.P. video on our website.


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