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8 FAQs on Drying Electrical Cabinets with an Air Dryer

8 FAQs on drying electrical enclosures with a cabinet air dryer - Parker HannifinIn many wet processing industries such as pulp and paper, metal manufacturing, and food processing, Nema 4x (stainless steel water-tight) cabinets are needed to keep the sensitive electronics inside them clean and dry. Unfortunately, in these harsh environments, moisture eventually finds its way into these enclosures and causes corrosion and component failure.

A Parker membrane compressed air dryer specifically designed for electrical cabinets and enclosures eliminates moisture by creating a desert-like environment inside the cabinet so that any moisture present quickly evaporates.

Below are eight frequently asked questions about using a Parker cabinet air dryer to eliminate moisture inside electrical cabinets and enclosures:

  1. How do I mount a cabinet dryer?

    The dryer should be mounted vertically on a surface near the enclosure. This may be a table leg or other vertical surface.
  2. The tubing is connected from the dryer (located outside the cabinet) to the inside of the cabinet. Will breaching the enclosure jeopardize the UL or 4x rating of the cabinet?

    Parker supplies a strain relief bushing that assures the integrity of the cabinet’s rating.
  3. Will the cabinet become pressurized if 100 psig plant air is connected to the dryer which is then connected to the electrical cabinet?

    The cabinet will not pressurize. There is a flow restricting orifice built into the dryer to assure downstream pressure is regulated. Also, the cabinet is open to atmosphere through the conduit that passes back to the circuit breaker box.
  4. Will the cabinet pressurize if it is connected to electricity with a standard industrial cord set?

    If the cabinet does not have a conduit connection, then a breather should be installed in the bottom of the cabinet to assure that pressure does not build up within the dryer.
  5. Once a cabinet dryer is installed, how long will it take to dry out the electrical cabinet?

    Even a wet cabinet will become dry within a few hours.
  6. How dry will the cabinet become?

    A desert is a good comparison. The moisture from the outlet of the dryer has a dew point of -7°F/-20°C.
  7. How many dryers should be installed for multiple cabinets?

    Ideally, one for each cabinet; however if they are small, a single dryer can dry multiple cabinets. Add up the internal volume of the cabinets and size to the corresponding dryer. The largest Parker dryer will handle 36 cubic feet.
  8. Is the dryer UL or CE rated?

    There are no specific safety regulations that refer to the cabinet dryer, therefore it is exempt from UL or CE rating. However, the dryer had been recognized by Rockwell Automation’s Encompass Product Partner program as among the best solutions to wet electrical cabinets.

Watch this video for additional information about drying electrical cabinets with a Parker cabinet dryer.


8 FAQs on Drying Electrical Enclosures with a Cabiner Air Dryer - Parker HannifinThis post was contributed by David Connaughton, product manager, Compressed Air and Gas Treatment Technology Team Member, Parker Hannifin



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