A Simple Guide to Choosing Solutions for Chilled Water Applications

A Simple Guide to Choosing Solutions for Chilled Water Applications -Hyperchill product image - Parker HannifinSearching for a water chiller for an industrial application? 
The use of cold water is very common in industry, as cold water improves productivity, secures industrial processes and reduces costs. There are several methods of creating cold water, but water chillers are increasingly becoming the preferred solution. Primarily because chillers always supply the exact water temperature requested, even with differing ambient conditions and load requests, thus ensuring optimum efficiency.

Chillers, by operating in a closed circuit, continuously reutilize the same water, and thereby avoid unwanted water wastage. Add to this fact that a number of directives have recently emerged to safeguard both the quality of the water being utilized (for health reasons) as well as the discharging of impure water into the ambient (to protect the environment): closed circuit chiller operation greatly simplifies conformance to these regulations. The needs of industry are changing, and a water chiller increasingly satisfies these needs.

Hyperchill water chiller with wide product range

The Hyperchill product line offers a wide range of cooling capacities from 1/2 to 50 ton, and a huge variety of options to fit every application. Parker’s ability to easily configure and package these options in a turn-key assembly allows for reduced installation costs and easy start-up.

Choosing a Solution for Chilled Water Applications + Gas Separation and Filtration Division + How it Works

Common installations: Single process closed loop

About 80% of installations are straightforward, single process, closed loop cooling applications. In such an application the piping is simplistic and flow demands are unchanging. The chiller is sized for worst-case site conditions, the pressure drop is calculated for the piping and the process, and there are few, if any, options required. The standard Hyperchill process water chiller includes a pre-programmed PLC, an electrical cabinet with motor overloads, a refrigeration system, and an internal water system.  

The two standard pump sizes are “3 bar” with a nominal head pressure around 40 psi, and “5 bar” with a nominal head pressure around 70 psi. The vast majority of applications use high quality, low noise level, axial fans which are installed as standard on the Hyperchill. There is a large cold-water storage tank built into the chillers which allow the compressor(s) to cycle off when load requirements are low in comparison to the available cooling capacity.

This configuration allows the customer to take advantage of seasonal conditions which increase the efficiency of the refrigeration circuit, thereby reducing electrical consumption. The pre-programmed and integrated controller makes set-up a snap. All the customer needs to do is install piping, supply power, fill the unit, and select the desired outlet water set point. From there, the unit is ready for startup!

Solutions for outdoor installations     

Beginning with our 5-ton unit, model PCW060, a variety of additional options are available. For outdoor installations where the units are subject to cold ambient conditions, Parker offers two different low ambient packages. These packages can allow the chiller to operate outdoors in ambient temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C). For conditions beyond this temperature range, the unit must be installed indoors. In such an application, it may be beneficial for the customer to look at our centrifugal fan option, which allows the user to duct hot exhaust air outside the building during summer. The user can also benefit from such an installation by installing a second exhaust port indoors. This would allow the customer to direct the hot exhaust back into the plant during cold winter months, reclaiming the heat and decreasing the cost of heating the facility.

Choosing a Solution for Chilled Water Applications + Gas Separation and Filtration Division + Hyperchill Options

In addition to the centrifugal fan option, Parker offers two additional condenser options. The “Bio Energy” option includes a corrosion resistant epoxy coating on all of the exposed copper piping. This is an excellent option for Bio Gas or Landfill Gas sites, as well as for installation near coastal waters where the environment may be salty. There is also an option for a water-cooled condenser. This is a great choice for High Ambient conditions or for indoor applications where the customer has an existing cooling tower. The water-cooled condenser option may also be selected when the customer has the desire to reclaim the heat expelled by the chiller. Parker can even quote the water-cooled condenser with special corrosion resistant materials of construction for applications where it is desired to use seawater for cooling.

Parker’s highly knowledgeable Applications Engineers can work with you and your team to select the options required to optimize the chillers for your specific installation. For a full list of available options – including special pumps, remote controls options, special voltages, and more.  If you’d like to request a quote, please contact our applications engineers at 

By pairing industry leading quality with a wide variety of easily configurable options, Parker’s Hyperchill is the solution for your industrial cooling needs!


Process Cooling Applications:  
• Coating Systems
• Chemical & Pharmaceutical Processes
• Plastics Processing
• Thermoform Machines
• Plasma Coating
• Medical Imaging Systems
• Food & Beverage Industry
• Injection Molding
• Machine Tools
• Electroplating Baths
• Biogas & Natural Gas Treatment
• Compressed Air Treatment
• Laser Technology
• Extruders
• Surface Processing
• Welding Engineering
• Blow Mold Machines
• Flexographic Printing Systems



This post was contributed by the Gas Generation Technology Team - Parker Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division.


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