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A Wealth of Worldwide Opportunities For High Pressure Technology

A wealth of worldwide opportunities, Oil & Gas Industry, Instrumentation Products DivisionThere are many different industries that work with pressures over 10,000 psi, ranging from the oil and gas industry to laboratories and waterjet applications. With such high pressures and often elevated temperatures involved, safety is critical and choosing robust, tested and certified tubing and cone and thread fittings are essential. In fact, engineers and specifiers should always start by identifying compatible tubing and cone and thread fittings that can withstand these severe conditions. Taking this approach not only ensures the safety and reliability of the process but ensures that buyers have a clear specification that enables like-for-like comparison.


Parker Autoclave Engineers

When our company was established some 70 years ago, one of our major markets was laboratories. Today our pressure vessels can be found in laboratories all over the world and are renowned for their ability to withstand extremely high pressures and temperatures. The parameters we work within are between -423oF to 1200oF and full vacuum to 150,000 psi using over 40 different metals to-date.

Over the past seven decades, Parker Autoclave Engineers technology has been used in an extensive range of applications from providing tubing and cone and thread fittings for fueling rockets for the space industry to supplying the same for use on oil and gas wells in the deepest oceans.


Emerging Markets

Over the years, new markets have emerged that Parker Autoclave Engineers has been able to service, for example, the plastics industry has grown significantly in the last 30 years manufacturing producing LDPE (low-density polythene) plastic being produced by the petrochemical industry to make food wrap, grocery and refuse bags. The raw LDPE plastic is made at very high pressures which we help to control.


The waterjet industry is anoA Wealth of Worldwide Opportunities, Waterblasting, Instrumentation Products Divisionther growing market where our expertise in producing high-pressure tubing and fittings is used. Waterjets are employed for a huge variety of applications today from cutting lettuce in a farmers field, to slicing cake, chicken, meat or fish, to cutting gaskets, carpet, marble and even steel up to 10” thick. Often the waterjet industry requires pressures of over 60,000 psi and our team at Parker Autoclave Engineers are continually developing new technologies that can address these ever more challenging requirements.

A closely related industry to waterjet is waterblast. This involves wide high pressure or rotating streams of water, which are supported by our tubing and fitting systems. Waterblast products are used in a variety of applications from removing paint from the hull of a ship and immediately ready for repainting, to cleaning rubber off aviation runways. And in even higher pressure applications it can be used to break up concrete on a highway, without damaging the rebar, ready for repair.

There are many good environmental reasons to use this technology, which has resulted in its ongoing growth and importance in the marine, aviation, construction, civil engineering and quarrying industries. New uses are continually being identified, opening it up for a number of other sectors.

In most cases, we supply directly to the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) who recognise the fact that we have extensive capabilities and offer high-quality products, with more connection choices available than any other manufacturer globally. This has led to us becoming a market leader in all our key markets. As part of our service, we provide a consultative and technical supporting role for our customers, ensuring their staff is fully trained in the use of high and medium pressure tubing and cone and thread fittings when operating at high temperatures and high pressures for a wide variety of applications.

The variety of uses for high and medium pressure tubing and cone and thread fittings is just about endless and you will find Parker Autoclave Engineers components in an extensive range of applications globally, where safety and performance are essential. View the Parker Autoclave product range here.


Michael OA wealth of worldwide opportunities, Michael O'Keane, Instrumentation Products Division’Keane, product marketing manager for Parker Autoclave Engineers.







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