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Advanced Material Development for High-Pressure/High-Temperature Oil & Gas Extraction

Parker Advanced Material Development for High-Pressure/High-Temperature Oil & Gas ExtractionThe world of offshore oil and gas extraction is one of extreme for temperatures and pressures. The harsh weather conditions and severe temperatures and pressures characteristic of these environments require rugged equipment designed to stand up to these extreme conditions without failure. Parker's high-temperature/high-pressure sealing solutions are designed to meet the exact needs of our customers, no matter where they work, and to perform with reliability to maximize productivity for our customers.

Seals engineered to meet a higher standard 

In the offshore oil and gas market today, high-temperature/high-pressure means being able to withstand temperatures as high as 600°F and pressures of up to 30,000 pounds per square inch. Alternatively, seals used in arctic conditions must also maintain their performance at temperatures colder than -40°F.

Seals must also endure the impact of the aggressive chemicals they may encounter in the well, either from the environment or from the fluids introduced to enhance the performance of the well. Sour gas wells have high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide, while the new fluids used in fracking operations contain a range of chemicals that can be detrimental to certain elastomers and sealing materials. Built upon decades of experience engineering advanced materials, Parker Hannifin’s Engineered Materials Group’s seals for oil and gas applications are designed to withstand these demanding conditions.

Tested to industry standards

Parker’s advanced materials are tested and certified under a range of different industry standard regulations, including:

  • NORSOK M-710
  • ISO 23936-2  
  • API 6A
  • NACE

Advanced Material Development for High-Pressure/High-Temperature Oil & Gas ExtractionOur extensive testing procedures ensure that our seals from all elastomer families, machined plastics and thermosets to metal seals, and other products for offshore oil and gas applications will provide customers maximum safety and reliability, even in the extremely challenging high-temperature/high-pressure operating conditions.

Finite element analysis

In designing advanced materials for high-temperature/high-pressure applications, Parker’s engineers begin with a finite element analysis (FEA) to replicate real-world operating conditions from the onset of the design process. Parker has proprietary FEA capabilities that allow us to complete non-linear analysis of our elastomers at our customer’s application temperatures and pressures. These simulations ensure first-time selection of the best material and geometry for a customer’s specific application.

Using these FEA simulations, our products are manufactured and tested to perform in the environment that they will experience - rather than just in the lab - and Parker’s extensive testing procedures provide customers a high degree of confidence in the products we manufacture. 

Better design through research

Our researchers work tirelessly to create better material technologies. We've developed new perfluorinated elastomers specifically for high-temperature/high-pressure situations, and continue to improve the correlation of our design FEA processes to actual product performance. This ensures faster development and reduces testing costs for our customers. Parker is also working to develop smart systems which provide real-time feedback on the life of the product before reaching its end of life or encountering failure.

As oil and gas companies broaden the scope of their operations to meet the growing energy demand around the world, the boundaries of high-temperature/high-pressure applications continue to expand. In developing advanced materials and designing new products to meet the needs of our customers, Parker remains committed to not only exceeding expectations for performance, but also for safety and reliability.

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