Aerospace Technologies and Key Markets

Aerospace | Aerospace is the technology of safely controlling flight. Parker designs, builds and supports systems and components for virtually every aircraft flying today. Systems strength. Component solutions.

Parker Aerospace is a global leader of systems and components used on most commercial and military aircraft in production in the world today. Parker technology includes advanced flight control, hydraulic, fuel, inerting, fluid conveyance, thermal management, pneumatic, and lubrication equipment, supporting commercial and regional transports, military fixed-wing aircraft, general and business aviation, helicopters, and unmanned aerial systems.


Key markets

  • Commercial transports
  • Engines 
  • General & business aviation
  • Helicopters
  • Military aircraft
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles


Key products

  • Flight control actuation systems & components
  • Fluid conveyance systems & components
  • Fluid metering, delivery, and atomization devices
  • Fuel systems & components
  • Fuel tank inerting systems
  • Hydraulic systems & components
  • Lubrication and oil products
  • Pneumatic products
  • Thermal management equipment
  • Wheels & brakes

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