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An Overview of the Commercial Electric Mower Trend

An Overview of the Commercial Electric Mower Trend | golf course fairway at dawn | Lawn OffRoad | Parker GlobalThe commercial lawn and turf market is dominated by gasoline-powered machinery. That is starting to change, however, as the adoption of commercial electric mowers and hybrid gasoline-electric lawn and turf equipment is growing. 

This trend is due in part to the increasing availability of commercial electric landscape equipment, along with the decline of lithium-ion battery prices. There’s a growing selection to choose from, at prices that are becoming more affordable for many professionals.  

It’s also being driven by regulation. Hundreds of U.S. cities now have laws restricting or banning the use of gas-powered leaf blowers, for instance. Meanwhile, California is proposing to phase out all gasoline-powered lawn equipment to meet 2031 emission-reduction goals.  


An Overview of the Commercial Electric Mower Trend | Download white paper | Parker GlobalTo learn more about trends in the commercial lawn and turf industry, read our white paper, Off-Road Trends: Driving Cleaner, More Efficient and Connected Machinery.






In Landscape Business, the current state of the commercial electric landscape equipment trend is explained this way: 

“Many professional landscapers are starting to recognize the benefits of battery-powered equipment, so they’ve started to use them as supplemental tools to their gas units. For example, when a crew is working early in the morning in a residential area or doesn’t want to bother people in a commercial setting, they’ll turn to battery-powered equipment due to the reduction in noise. Crews will also turn to battery-powered equipment when they’re working in municipalities and hospitals that do not allow the operation of gas-powered equipment.”  
Tony Buxton of Milwaukee® Tool


In addition to helping professional contractors stay in lockstep with local regulations, the use of commercial electric mowers, trimmers, blowers, and other power equipment offers other advantages. There’s significant noise reduction, elimination of emissions, no need for gasoline, and less ongoing maintenance. Range (battery life) is a concern, but at least one original equipment manufacturer (OEM) offers interchangeable high-capacity battery packs that can operate all day. 


A sample of commercial electric landscape equipment available today 

Multiple commercial lawn and turf equipment OEMs are attempting to win over this growing market. A few examples include: 

  • Greenworks Commercial offers a range of all-electric mowers, trimmers, blowers, and chainsaws for commercial use. This includes its Lithium Z 52-inch zero-turn mower, powered by a lithium-ion battery. 

  • Husqvarna® offers a wide selection of battery-powered saws, trimmers, blowers, and walk-behind mowers, all marketed to commercial lawn and turf pros. 

  • Mean Green Mowers®, which is now owned by DR® Power Equipment, offers a range of all-electric walk-behind, stand-on, riding, and zero-turn mowers. Its flagship EVO mower boasts a 74-inch deck, eight hours of continuous mowing time, and power comparable to a 37-horsepower diesel motor. 

  • Toro® now offers its Greenmaster® eTriFlexTM series 59-inch mower for golf course greens. The mower is available as a gasoline-electric hybrid with a 14.5-horsepower engine, or an all-electric powered by eight lithium-ion batteries. 


The outlook for commercial electric mowers and landscape equipment 

Many lawn and turf contractors resist battery-powered equipment; indeed, gas-powered models still dominate the market. But that is starting to change. Pushed by local regulations that limit or ban the use of gas-powered equipment, or pulled by the many benefits of electrification, an increasing number are making the switch to battery-powered machines. And they’re finding a growing number of options are now available to purchase.   


An Overview of the Commercial Electric Mower Trend | Download white paper | Parker GlobalTo learn more about trends in the commercial Lawn and Turf industry, read our white paper Off-Road Trends: Driving Cleaner, More Efficient and Connected Machinery


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