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Artificial Muscle to Expand Smart Sensors and Actuator Offering

Artificial Muscle to Expand Smart Sensors and Actuator Offering - Electroactive Polymers EAPS - Parker Hannifin Parker recently announced that it is embarking on the development of new smart sensors and actuators using electroactive polymer technology (EAP).

Parker recently acquired intellectual property and licenses for the technology from Bayer MaterialScience LLC and its Artificial Muscle Incorporated (AMI) business unit.


“Having access to AMI’s portfolio of intellectual property and team of highly skilled employees expands our capability to further develop Parker’s smart sensor and actuator offerings. The use of this technology will accelerate product and service opportunities for us in targeted growth areas such as life sciences and industrial process markets.” ~ Bob Bond, Vice President, eBusiness, IoT and Services


AMI’s proprietary smart material technology improves performance and efficiency and will be used in new and existing Parker products and services for use in medical devices, remote monitoring and industrial systems.


Artificial Muscle to Expand Smart Sensors and Actuator Offering - EAP and SensoNode group - Parker Hannifin



Electroactive Polymer TechnologyThe use of electroactive polymer technology will strengthen Parker’s smart material development capabilities for use in a broad range of applications including ultra-low power, wired, wireless and disposable sensors and ultra-low power, quiet and lightweight actuators, pumps and valves.

Bayer MaterialScience, a subgroup of Bayer AG, is a leading producer of polymers and high-tech plastics, including polyurethanes, polycarbonates, coatings and adhesives.



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