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Brazil Terminal Operation Increases Predictive Maintenance Success With Asset Tracking

PTS System Increases Predictive Maintenance to New Level in Port Operation

Located in the Rio Grande do Sul, the Port of Rio Grande is one of the main shipping ports for Brazilian products to the world. Geographically speaking, the Port of Rio Grande is ideally located and firmly established as the Southern Cone port. Known for its robust performance in the extreme south of Brazil, it is sited between the most important ports of the American continent, in terms of productivity, offering fast and quality services.

The port complex gives rise to expressive loads of soy, rice, wheat, and oil, as well as to different manufactured products. Due to its relevance to the region, it is known as the Port of Mercosur, and in 2015 alone it handled more than 37 million tons of cargo.


The challenge

Tecon Rio Grande, the container terminal of the Wilson Sons Group, operates at full capacity to keep up with this vessel loading work. After all, a faster terminal helps reduce the costs of the operation and benefits shipowner clients. For Tecon, a significant part of its operations involves equipment equipped with hydraulic drives, such as Super Post Panamax Ship to Shore cranes, and Rubber Tire Gantry Cranes. The company identified the need to optimize the management of hoses on its machinery and reduce risk. They found in the Parker Tracking System (PTS) the ideal tool to achieve this goal.

"We needed a solution that would help us document and monitor our hoses in order to reduce downtime and improve our preventive maintenance,"

Jorge Roberto Corrêa Bacelo, Tecon, coordinator of maintenance planning.


Total control

Brazil Terminal Operation Increases Predicitive Maiintenance Success with Asset Tracking– Parker Brasil

The implementation of the PTS system in Tecon was a phased approach starting with documentation of hoses. The process is being led by Hidrautini - authorized Parker distributor for Hydraulics, Filtration and Fluid Connectors Divisions in Porto Alegre. By means tracking labels with specific data for each component installed, the innovation will guarantee that Tecon has total control over the tracking of performance and life of the hydraulic hoses on their equipment.

According to Alexandre Martini, director of Hidrautini, in heavy-duty operations such as those practiced at the Port of Rio Grande, it is estimated that a hose will last on average two years. 


"Even knowing this parameter, it would be impossible to manually measure the efficiency of these parts in the day to day of a company that operates 50 different pieces of equipment with different types of hose. What Parker's system is offering us is the ability to control and measure the wear and tear of these products simply and efficiently."

 Alexandre Martini, director of Hidrautini, Parker Authorized Distributor


Prioritizing machines

PTS System Increases Predictive Maintenance to New Level in Port Operation  - Tecon maintenance team - Parker Hannifin BrazilThe process of implementation for PTS began with prioritization of the hoses considered high risk, which are subject to premature wear. Thus, from now on the predictive and preventive measures can be taken in a more agile way.

"For a company like Tecon, which seeks rigorous certifications such as ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001: 2007  and ISO 18000, any oil leakage is relevant," explains Jorge Bacelo. "Therefore, using a tracking technology as advanced as PTS and providing a differentiated service is essential to expedite possible replacement processes," he concludes.

Chosen as a starting point for documentation, container forklifts are the first Tecon equipment to receive Parker technology. Soon, mobile cranes will also be included in the project, as well as other machines - Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG) cranes, portainers (port cranes handling containers) and cranes.


Fewer stops and more productivity

Brazil Terminal Operation Increases Predictive Maintenance Success With Asset Tracking  - PTS mobile image - Parker ServicesThe Parker Tracking System (PTS) provides full traceability of hoses installed in the field. The system stores data digitally, allowing it to be accessed by any device connected to the internet, including cell phones.

This technology allows total control in the management of components and greater ease in the acquisition of items for replacement, which can be ordered directly from the workplace, ensuring agility in the exchange of parts, reduction in machine downtime and increased productivity.

The solution also allows to reduce stocks and subsidize dockage projects. The system uses polyurethane labels with a layer of resin tested at 150° C or metal labels for more aggressive applications, both resistant to UV radiation, sea spray, submersion in fuels and salt water.



Watch this video and see our PTS Mobile application in action:


For more information on Parker technologies, visit our Parker Tracking System website. 

Featured image source: Port de Rio Grande Website


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