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Brushless DC Motor Technology in Miniature Pumps

Brushless DC Motor Technology in Miniature Pumps - miniature pump cutaway - Parker Precision Fluidics

Medical technology continues to evolve towards diagnosis and treatment equipment that is closer to the patient - wearable or in the home. Examples include point of care diagnostics, dialysis, compression therapy machines, and negative pressure wound therapy devices. Medical equipment manufacturers are responding to this trend by designing smaller, more portable, and quiet devices to improve the patient's experience and comfort. To ensure a competitive edge, OEM design engineers are faced with integrating components that meet design specifications without compromising functionality. 

We will explore how design innovations in diaphragm pumps are helping OEM design engineers mitigate noise, improve performance, increase product life and reduce service costs. 


The challenge

BTX Family ImageOne of the biggest challenges to pump longevity is the brushless DC motor that operates the pump mechanism. Most diaphragm pumps operate similarly: a motor shaft rotates a connecting rod assembly that drives a diaphragm up and down to create a pressure differential that results in flow. This connecting rod and diaphragm are attached perpendicular to the motor shaft creating a reciprocating radial load. In other words, the load of the diaphragm is pushing and pulling on the motor shaft with every stroke. As you can imagine, doing this 3000 times every minute for thousands of hours can be tough on a motor and lead to increased noise and reduced life.


The solution

Parker has a patented process to restrict the free movement of the motor ball-bearing balls so they roll in a fixed position and cannot chatter. This greatly reduces the noise, but more importantly, it allows the pumps to operate for thousands of hours at peak performance.


A winning combination

Parker has been building miniature diaphragm pumps for more than 20 years. Brushless motors are designed and built in the same ISO 13485 certified factory as the pumps. This combination delivers the best motor solution for customers, ensuring a reliable, long-life pump. Manufacturing the pumps and motors in the same facility also allows for strict control of the design, resulting in better quality control and change management. 

Parker Precision Fluidics NCO Production


The BTX pump

Parker Precision Fluidics BTX-ConnectParker’s BTX pump product line combines best-in-class diaphragm pump design, innovative brushless motor technology, ultra-low vibration, and advanced manufacturing techniques to bring a next-generation solution to next-generation device needs. The BTX Pump delivers high performance with superior quality and reliability. The product line offers a growing range of options for motor type, motor controls, and pump performance flexibility to serve a wide range of needs.


  • Brushless motor design with serial UART control and monitoring available.
  • High performance to size and weight ratio for portability.
  • Fail-safe design with over-current, stall, and over-temperature shutdown.
  • Brushless motor design for high reliability, dynamic control, and long life.
  • CE, REACH and RoHS compliant.


Brushless DC Motor Technology in Miniature Pumps -Sample Request - Parker Precision FluidicsInterested in testing out the BTX miniature diaphragm pump? Request a sample.


Parker Precision Fluidics offers a wide variety of miniature pumps and valves for all your application needs. With over 30 years in the industry, Parker Precision Fluidics offers guaranteed high quality, reputable product, and market-driven innovation. Contact us today to speak to an expert engineer about your application-specific needs.

Our applications engineering team is always available to provide recommendations and customize equipment to customer specifications, call 603-595-1500 to speak with an engineer. 

For more information on our miniature and micro diaphragm pump platforms, download our catalog.


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This article was contributed by Jamie Campbell, product manager, Parker Precision Fluidics. 







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