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Being in direct contact with customers had become David's ambition as he gained experience in technical areas. But then the question arose as to how to make that career change without putting at risk what he had already accomplished. 

As a leader in its industry, Parker also encourages employees to achieve their wish to acquire and use new skills to become leaders themselves.

A graduate of the Mines College in Nancy, David gained his initial experience in the aerospace industry where he managed thermal, aerothermal and thermomechanical design work.


In 2010, he joined the Parker Group at its Annemasse site and then Contamine sur Arve in 2013 where he held the position of applications engineer. He studied and analyzed both stationary and mobile hydraulic systems for the purpose of assembling the necessary technical files for manufacturing components and systems with a view to selling them.

Attracted by contact with customers, David aspired to a position directly involving people who use the products which he had developed on a daily basis. For him to achieve the position of Sales Engineer, Parker accompanied David on his journey by offering him trainings so that he could acquire the skills for this new challenge, but also by providing him with conditions that reduced the risks associated with such a change. This new position allowed him to hold on to the technical side while focusing more on what had always particularly motivated him: customers and therefore sales. At Parker, we don't just take people on based on a simple job description; above all we support talented and motivated people by helping them surpassing themselves and reaching their personal and professional development.

In an interview with Parker, David had the following to share:


Parker: You joined the EMG sales team several months ago now as a sales engineer. What are the reasons for that change?

David:  I really wanted one day to be directly in contact with customers and to promote the company’s products and services. I used to be in an applications engineering role before, focusing more on technical aspects whilst now, although I am still involved in the technical details of the products, my focus is more on the development of sales and business opportunities with our customers.

P:         How did Parker support you in that transition?

D:         I was offered some training in to learn more about commercial negotiation which really helped me. Then the transition in to the new role was facilitated by six-month trial period which guaranteed the opportunity to go back to my previous role if I would have discovered that the new responsibilities were not really a good fit for me and for the company. This has made the transition very smooth as I knew the risk was mitigated with that option to go back. In this new role, I am also part of a team which is also good for learning opportunities

P:         What do you like about this new job?

D:         I like visiting customers. There's a bit of the "hunter's" temperament in me. I really enjoy learning new things about our customers, about their needs, their future development and their current challenges. I have a very inquisitive temper therefore this opportunity of being in direct contact with customers and to explore opportunities with them satisfies me a lot. Of course, there are also challenges we have to face when the economic situation varies for our customers but I really enjoy the variety of situations to be managed. It is never boring and it forces me to find solutions to help our customers.

P:         How do you see things for you in the future at Parker?

D:         I haven't seen everything yet in this new role therefore it is too early for me to start thinking about the next step. I have a 5-year development plan which has been discussed with my manager as it is normally the time it takes to have fully acquired all the skills and competencies for this role. The Company is now helping me to acquire more seniority as well as to develop others skills that are crucial for my success in this role. It is very important, if you wish to develop your career at Parker that you constantly look for opportunities to acquire new skills and competencies, to be proactive and demonstrate that you want to do something else. Elaborating and agreeing a plan with your manager is an important element of your career at Parker.

Parker offers valuable opportunities to team members who want to grow and commit to the company's success. Visit our career pages and don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your career plans.

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