Clean Air Makes Boston Hotel a Friendly Neighbor

Clean Air Makes Boston Hotel a Friendly Neighbor - Eliminate Kitchen Emissions with SmogHog PSG - Parker Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation DivisionThe Four Seasons Boston Hotel is located in a 13-story structure situated in the heart of historic Boston, Massachusetts. This prestigious hotel group dedicates itself to the highest quality of service and dining for its visitors. Parker provided the solution the Four Seasons Boston Hotel needed to improve air quality for its guests and neighbors. As part of continuing its reputation as one of Boston’s best restaurants, the hotel needed to eliminate cooking odors, smoke and grease emissions.



Smoke and grease emissions were becoming a growing concern for guests, employees and neighbors. So while renovating, Four Seasons saw the need for a state-of-the-art kitchen emissions system that would remove hazardous pollutants and also fit its structural requirements. With its urban location, the Four Seasons Boston Hotel needed a system to clean the air exhausted into the neighborhood. Since Four Seasons serves guests 24 hours a day, the hotel restaurant required a system with minimal downtime for cleaning. Space for the unit and connecting ductwork were also issues. Four Seasons needed the unit to connect to their existing maintenance system without adding a lot of ductwork. In addition, the system had to comply with federal, state and local standards.



Clean Air Makes Boston Hotel a Friendly Neighbor - SmogHog PSG - Parker Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation DivisionParker evaluated the Four Seasons Boston Hotel and customized a SmogHog® PSG to fit all their needs. The SmogHog kitchen emissions system uses electrostatic precipitation technology to filter odors and electrically charge contaminants. The PSG then captures contaminants like a magnet onto aluminum collection plates. For maintenance, the system is programmed to shut down for one hour each day for a self-cleaning cycle, allowing Four Seasons to serve its customers day and night. Additionally, the PSG was custom-designed to fit the hotel’s unique space requirements by connecting the kitchen emissions unit to the facility’s existing energy maintenance system and the ductwork from the parking garage to the roof. It only consumed five parking spaces while eliminating expensive and space-consuming ductwork.

For more details on PSG Series Kitchen Emission Systems, check out the ebrochure.



Parker's Smog-Hog PSG removed odors, smoke and grease emissions so that only clean air was released into the hotel and outdoors. With this new system, Four Seasons now emits cleaner air for its neighboring citizens and businesses. The new system also brought the hotel in compliance with local, state and federal environmental standards. The design was ideal for Four Seasons because Parker was able to work within the hotel’s unique space limitations and customize a system to fit every need.

Clean Air Makes Boston Hotel a Friendly Neighbor - SmogHog Results - Parker Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division

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