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Cold Weather Challenges Spur Design of New Low Temperature Hose

Cold Weather Challenges Spur Design of New Low Temperature Hose cold weather equipment ParflexWhen it comes to hoses and cold weather performance, force to flex is not as important as actual hose construction. In harsh winter temperatures, hose construction materials can be a major contributor to hose failure. Over time, cold temperatures and UV rays dry out the core and jacket of a hose. This embrittlement of materials results in cracks. Cold sluggish fluid or low temperature fluids not compatible with the core materials can also add stress and cause damage.

Meeting the challenge

Parker engineers have been working closely with machine and vehicle designers for more than 30 years on the selection of optimal hoses. Cold Weather Challenges Spur Design of New Low Temperature Hose TOUGHJacket ParflexThe added stress of colder environments, led them to design the new, low-temperature hydraulic hoses which operate in temperatures as low as -70°F/-57°C with pressures operating up to 5,000 psi (345 bar). 

This new technology for low-temperature hydraulic systems has proven itself in a variety of different low and high-pressure applications, especially forklifts and aerial lift equipment or used in commercial freezers in harsh winter conditions. Applications range from the low-pressure fluid transfer, over-the-sheave, and steering lines to high-pressure hydraulics.

Designed for extended hose life

Parker low-temperature thermoplastic hoses are built with a proprietary blend of materials specifically formulated to withstand repetitive flexing in cold temperatures. Cold Weather Challenges Spur Design of New Low Temperature Hose fork lift freezer application ParflexThe 563LT and 594LT offer the same abrasion resistance as Parker's standard hose but decrease component downtime in low temperatures. The ability of these hydraulic hoses to perform repetitive flexing in a cold environment opens a new range of possibilities for the industry while increasing product life. For the customer, excelling in cold climates means reduced change-outs, reduced warranty maintenance and replacement costs.

Each hose is reinforced with either synthetic fibers, steel wire, or a layer of each, which enables assemblies to handle up to 5,000 psi (345 bar) working pressure (depending on hose selection). Available core tube options have a low coefficient of friction while maintaining excellent flexibility and a premier, abrasion resistant cover. This maximizes efficiencies and minimizes pressure losses to ensure long service life. 

Temperature deformation of the product does not affect the assembly’s chemical compatibility, technical performance or functionality. In addition, hose covers are durable and insensitive to UV or ozone exposure and thus, resistant to environmental stress.


More information

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Cold Weather Challenges Spur Design of New Low Temperature Hose Cedrick Barber Parflex DivisionThis article was contributed by Cedrick Barber, applications engineer, Parker Hannifin's Parflex Division





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