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Continuously Dry Runnable Lobe Pump Maximizes Uptime

Continuously Dry Run Pump Takes Technology to the Next Level - 3 inch positive displacement lobe pump - Parker HannifinWhen we asked, operators in the oil and gas industry told us that they are interested in solving the typical pump failure mode of extremely short (or none) dry run time limits. We were challenged to engineer a transfer pump that is continuously dry runnable and delivers it in an efficient and compact package.

Pump innovation

The innovation that has been occurring in pumps has been largely stagnant for a number of years. So the same technology that we saw thirty years ago is really the kind of workhorse technologies that you see in a number of different applications today. With the recent introduction of our innovative high performance, 3-inch positive displacement lobe pump, we have taken pump technology to a new level. Supported by deep technical expertise in building pumps for a number of highly technical applications, Parker's world-class engineering, and manufacturing capability brings a real solution to the challenge of pump failure due to dry running, all in a compact and efficient design. 


Continuously Dry Run Pump Takes Technology to the Next Level - Craig Maxwell - VP, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer"When you are the new player in any market, you have to have a highly differentiated product. You've got to have a product that has a lot to offer and performance advantages that translate into revenue for the customer. You need to really focus on customer pain points to develop a solution that is so much better than what's currently available that people are willing to take a risk." Vice President, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Craig Maxwell


Parker lobe pump features and benefits

Built from premium Parker components for unmatched performance and reliability, the new Parker 3-inch lobe transfer pump is ideal for a range of applications including:

Continuously Dry Run Pump Takes Technology to the Next Level - positive displacement pump - Parker Hannifin

  • Transportation refueling

  • Offshore drilling

  • Chemical processing

  • Oil and gas refining

  • Mining

  • Aircraft refueling


Continuously Dry Run Pump Takes Technology to the Next Level - Pump assembly view of lobesFeatures:

  • High-performance 3-inch (76 mm) positive displacement pump with inlet boost by centrifugal impeller

  • Available in 24 and 30 HP AC direct drive motor configurations                

  • Transfers up to 210 and 310 gpm (795 and 1,194 lpm) at 80 psi (552 kPa)

  • Also available in a hydraulic motor-driven configuration



Continuously Dry Run Pump Takes Technology to the Next Level - components Parker Hannifin Benefits:

  • Runs dry 

  • Cavitation resistant

  • Reversible flow

  • High suction with fast self-priming capability

  • Efficient, compact design is 40% lighter and shorter than comparable pumps

  • Robust bypass valve and precision thermal protection circuit monitors on both the pump and motor prevent overheating

  • UL-certified motor is moisture and dust-proof (IP 65 rated)


Solving the dry running challenge

This pump is developed so that it is:

  • self-priming;

  • can produce a high level of suction and vacuum; and

  • can be run forward and backward.

The utility of this pump is that it will be useful for applications where you might have needed two or three different types of pumps to address the same kind of problem.

It is cavitation resistant and has an impeller to boost the flow.  It has two modes of safety. One is a bypass valve on the pump that will automatically engage when the temperature or flow rate gets too high. Additionally, there is a thermal protection circuit on the motor, so when the temperature or flow rates exceed a certain pre-set amount it will shut off power to the motor.

Continuously Dry Run Pump Technology Takes Technology to the Next Level - Karthik Govindarajan - Business Development Manager CT Ventures Parker Hannifin


"We can continuously run dry and self-prime, we’re trying to address some of the key failure modes that our customers are seeing (and have shared with us) on a day-to-day basis. We expect that we'll be able to give them efficiency improvements as well as increase their uptime, which ultimately translates into revenue to the bottom line." Karthik Govindarajan, business development manager 


Watch the video and see the high-performance, positive displacement 3-inch lobe transfer pump in action.



Continuously dry run pump takes technology to the next level - Karthik Govindarajan - Business Development Manager, Business Development Manager, Corporate Technology Ventures and Innovation Systems - Parker Hannifin

Article contributed by Karthik Govindarajan, business development manager, Corporate Technology Ventures and Innovation Systems






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