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Core Technologies Increasing Power Generation Productivity and Efficiency

Top Blogs Supporting Power Generation and Renewable Energy - Top 10 Power Generation Blogs of 2020 - Parker HannifinAs exciting, funded initiatives transpire in the renewable energy industry today, the key to the future of power generation, specifically gas turbine, wind, solar, and hydropower plants will be the speed at which these innovations can be commercialized. Renewables still face major obstacles. The industry is depending on new technologies to increase the profitability and reliability of renewable power plants to make them a truly viable long-term alternative. The following most-read power generation blogs showcase essential ways our core technologies are helping power generation plant customers increase their productivity, profitability, and efficiency. 


10 Tips to Ensure Best Practice in the Installation of Condensate Pots

10 Tips to Ensure Best Practice in the Installation of Condensate Pots, Refinery, Instrumentation Products DivisionCondensate pots play a key role in maximising the accuracy of differential pressure flow measurement on steam or vapour applications. When installed correctly, these simple devices can significantly improve flow measurement accuracy in differential pressure measurement systems by providing an interface between the vapour and liquid phases.

Condensate pots also prevent flashing of liquid in the impulse line, which can occur if there is a sudden change in the temperature of the...

Hydraulic Power Units Control All Functions of Hydro-electric Turbine

Hydroelectric plants, Parker and, their distributors/integrators make powerful teams in the area of power generation support and technical expertise. Carter Lake Hydroelectric, adjacent to the 112,000-acre-foot lake of the same name in northern Colorado, has benefited from a custom solution for their hydro dam project. As a Parker hydraulic systems Integrator, Western Integrated Technologies designed and manufactured two hydraulic power units for Gilkes, a UK-based...

What Is the Difference Between Full Port or Standard Port Ball Valve?

Ball valves are used in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, oil, and gas, automotive, marine, agricultural and heavy truck. Applications may vary but include operations for processing, transferring, pneumatic circuits, cooling, and measuring such as:

• Fuel line shutoffs for gasoline and diesel equipment
• Air service lines
• Water service lines on capital equipment
• Plant design plumbing requiring total shutoff...

OEM Design Engineer's Guide to Specifying Hydraulic Cylinders

In today’s industrial manufacturing environment, hydraulic cylinders are complex devices that incorporate a wide range of components available in a multitude of sizes, configurations and materials. When it comes to complex hydraulic systems, cylinder specification can be a balancing act for OEM design engineers — as each design factor influences one or more of the many other design details to be considered for the...

Hydraulic Hose User Safety

One of the most dangerous situations for hydraulic equipment is a hose burst. Whether it is a pinhole leak or a full blow burst, the danger is imminent. 

Hydraulic hose bursts create dangerous situations not only for the equipment itself but the individuals running it or standing near it. Hose failures can be minimized with regular maintenance, but that doesn't guarantee a hose assembly won't fail. Sometimes things happen without any warning signs. At Hose Products Division, we are serious about...

Why Choose an Electric Starter for Your Gas Turbines?

For many years, gas turbines generating renewable energy have been started by hydraulic or even high flow air systems. Hydraulic technology is the current prevalent method in traditional gas turbine starter applications; the seemingly more flexible and modern electrical alternatives simply could not meet the power generation demands of the application. Today, however, new technological advances have turned electrical solutions into a superior alternative to...

Why Choose Single Ferrule Tube Fittings for Vibration Protection and Temperature Cycling

Industrial settings with strenuous applications, such as thermal cycling and vibration, are recognised as some of the toughest environments for tube fittings. In all cases, such applications demand highly precise, leak-free technology to ensure protection from vibration and thermal cycling. For example, in power generation, nuclear and chemical plants, worker and atmospheric safety is business-critical.

Engineers face numerous options when choosing tube fittings for instrumentation,...

Improving Power Plant Gas Turbine Performance in Harsh Desert Environments

Gas turbine performance is affected by the environmental challenges of a specific power plant installation. In a recent project located in the Middle East, a filtration solution to protect the turbine needed to be designed to address each of the conditions faced, including varying amounts of: 

  • Dust

  • Salt

  • Moisture

  • Other contaminants 

The spectrum of potential hazards that could be faced at a turbine installation...

New Hybrid Actuation System Ideal for Renewable Energy Applications

Actuation systems must be efficient, precise, and durable enough to withstand harsh power generation environments. Parker Hannifin has developed a hybrid actuation system (HAS) that is ideal for renewable energy actuation applications, such as those used with solar panels, wind turbines, and hydroelectric dams.

The new hybrid design combines the controllability of traditional electromechanical actuators with the power density, longer life, and resistive-force capabilities...

New Coating Extends Cylinder Life Up to Eight Times Longer

Hydroelectric turbine systems operate in extremely harsh conditions. The corrosive conditions in challenging industrial and outdoor environments, especially in hydro market applications, greatly shorten the life of operational parts, such as cylinders and actuators. 


Advanced cylinder coating resists corrosion

Parker has developed an advanced cylinder-rod coating called Global ShieldTM that resists corrosion up to eight times longer than conventional coatings....


Leading with purpose

After more than a century of experience serving our customers, Parker is often called to the table for the collaborations that help to solve the most complex engineering challenges. We help them bring their ideas to light. We are a trusted partner, working alongside our customers to enable technology breakthroughs that change the world for the better.


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