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Custom Designed Packing Elements for the Most Challenging Applications

custom designed packing elements for the most challenging applications, packers, packer elements, downhole packing tool, downhole drilling In the oil and gas industry, downhole conditions change and become more extreme every day. Downhole tools have to survive aggressive fluids, temperatures, and high pressures. It is important that packing elements are engineered to meet the increasing performance requirements needed in downhole environments. For a packing element system to be successful, the correct compound choice is also important for effective sealing and long-term service.



Parker Engineered Seals Division manufactures packing element systems for onshore and offshore conditions. Our packing element systems are engineered for the following applications:

  • Completion

  • Production

  • Intervention

Retrievable systems

When choosing a backup system, many factors are taken into account. If you are looking for a retrievable element system and require an extrusion barrier, we can design, mold, and test our packing elements with a spring back-up. Various element designs are available with sizes ranging from 2.5” through 20” casings. Our packing elements with spring back-ups handle temperatures over 300°F and pressures 10,000 psi and higher. 


Permanent systems

If the application is in need of a permanent element system, we manufacture a metal mesh element backup system that has proven very successful in the field. The metal mesh backup system provides excellent extrusion resistance in HPHT applications with small to medium gaps. This permanent packing element system has been tested up to 12,000 psi and 350°F. We also offer a permanent element system that is designed for large gaps or irregular holes. This system has an over-molded metal petal system for extrusion prevention. Most oilfield challenges require custom products and materials designed for the specific application. We have the capability of designing custom elements and developing the material needed to perform in the most aggressive downhole environments.


The proof is in the results

Parker is committed to providing reliable solutions to the most challenging downhole environments.  We use FEA, extensive material testing, and functional testing to provide robust elements that are proven to last.

custom designed packing elements for the most challenging applications, metal mesh packing elements, packing elements, downhole drillingChallenge

Our customer came to us looking for a backup system that would hold 10,000 psi. Many use PTFE back-ups but they do not hold high pressures. Not only did we offer a solution, but we also tested their current PTFE back-up against our metal mesh packing element.


Parker ESD tested our metal mesh packing element against the PTFE back-ups. 

The metal mesh packing elements held pressure up to 12,000 psi without extrusion. The PTFE back-up started failing at 3,000 psi and failed completely at 5,000 psi.

Parker Engineered Seals Division manufactures packing elements with backup systems in a wide range of sizes and elastomers. Additional information can be found in the Packing Elements brochure or by contacting Parker Hannifin’s Engineered Seals Division.


Ericka Norris, Oil & Gas Market Manager, Parker Hannifin, Engineered Seals Division



This article was contributed by Ericka Norris, oil & gas market manager, Parker O-Ring Division (Engineered Seals).




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We are interested in metal mesh packing element. Can it be used in a retrievable system?
Parker Engineered Seals Division do not claim the metal mesh packing elements are retrievable. Most often they are used in a permanent application. We do know some companies that use them as retrievable elements. It is possible but the elements will not come back to there original form or ID. They will stay expanded. I hope this answers your question.
Ma'am, could you please send me a literature about metal mesh packing element. I've got ESD 5612 but I want more information such as sizes.
We do not have literature specific to metal mesh packing elements. If you would like more information feel free to email me at
Awesome and Very Informative Article. Thank you so much, It Helps me a lot! ??

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