Designing a Heavy-Duty Construction Vehicle Cab

Heavy-duty Contruction Equipment - electromechanical technology solutions Heavy Duty Vehicle Design Parker Hannifin Motion and Control Technology BlogAre you a manufacturer designing a heavy-duty construction vehicle cab to be safer and more comfortable for operators? As an operator, are you looking for ways to be more productive while you do your job? Parker’s technologies range from hydraulic and electrical power systems which convert operator inputs into activity, to advanced foot pedals that enable finer control while increasing ergonomics. These four new and innovative products represent the comprehensive line of precision-engineered products Parker offers.


1) Information where you need it

Cab Display - Parker Hannifin DPE-70 display module portait of landscape mounting - Heavy Duty Vehicle Design Parker Hannifin Motion and Control Technology Blog The DPE-70 display module is a small, flexible unit which combines a 7-inch display with seven buttons and a rotary encoder, providing vehicle operators access to the information they need, right where they need it. The unit is designed for portrait or landscape mounting, letting its shape change to suit the design of the vehicle cab. It is also weather-sealed, with a durable design suitable for use in demanding environments.



2) Cellular networks help you maintain equipment

Parker's GPS telematics modem helps management monitor equipment. With the ability to transmit data over cellular networks or other media, these tools enhance the ability of companies to ensure that their equipment is being used properly and in the right place, while also monitoring equipment performance and maintenance requirements. Parker also produces components that are compatible with the modem and communications system, providing a comprehensive solution to increase efficiency and maximize machine uptime.


3) Ergonomic joysticks to reduce operator fatigue and provide finer control

JoyStick for Hydraulic Implement Systems - Heavy Duty Vehicle Design Parker Hannifin Motion and Control Technology BlogParker’s multifunction six-axis joysticks offer a greater degree of control for equipment operators. In addition to enabling movement through all three dimensions of potential motion, these joysticks add additional controllers, switches and buttons to meet the needs of any application. Our joysticks are also ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and make it easier for operators to have finer control over their machines.


4) Components communicating with each other

Rendering of Heavy Duty construction vehicle cab layout with electicalmechanical and hydraulic 3d image - Heavy Duty Vehicle Design Parker Hannifin Motion and Control Technology BlogSupport for the CANbus protocol takes Parker from a complete systems solution provider to an interconnectivity provider. By having components communicate with each other over the CANbus, they can share position information, application information and diagnostic information. Parker's IQAN CANbus-enabled systems use components that interoperate, letting you choose from a broad range of components to perfectly tailor your vehicle's cab and other systems to meet your design goals, rather than having to worry about whether or not they will work together smoothly.

If you'd like to learn more about how Parker can help you improve your vehicle cab designs, contact us. As a complete systems solution partner, we have what you need to optimize the efficiency of your products.


Learn more about our hydraulic technology in this video


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