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Drilling Fleet Saves Time and Money with Asset and Document Management

Single Source Asset and Document Management Saves Time and Money for Drilling FleetIn the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry, time is money. Managers for companies that operate fleets of drilling vessels conducting offshore, deep-water oil extraction in countries around the world clearly understand the cost of breakdowns and required maintenance overhauls.


The situation

For hose documentation, a client with a fleet of four drilling vessels used a manual filing and storage system that was kept aboard the vessels. Because documents didn’t always match the hoses being used, the system proved unreliable with low confidence in the data. This resulted in extensive time being spent in-port making hoses, as well as unreliable tracking of hose life and failure.

Workers had no idea how long the hoses were lasting, so replacement wasn’t “as needed.” This system created several risks, including:

  • lack of inventory of critical spares,

  • loss of valuable information in a catastrophic event,

  • wasted time and money with unnecessary hose replacement, and

  • extensive fines being levied if documentation doesn’t meet strict inspection and historical criteria, due to regulatory compliance policies.


The solution

Single Source Asset and Document Management Saves Time and Money for Drilling FleetTo avoid these risks, the client needed a secure, cloud-based documentation system for all assets that was easily accessible. The Parker Tracking System (PTS) Pro provided the client with a single source for documentation and records management. This resulted in:

  • accurate and organized information available at any time,

  • hoses being replaced only when needed,

  • decreased time spent docked to replace hoses during the reclassification (approximately every five years), and

  • information is safe and easily updated.


Single Source Asset and Document Management Saves Time and Money for Drill Fleet - PTS tagging - Parker Hannifin

PTS has been engineered specifically for the oil and gas industry with user profiles in mind. What makes PTS unique is the ability to move asset records between accounts or create “Affiliate” relationships between users. Parker recognizes that a specific product or asset may be manufactured by one company and serviced or maintained by another. Sometimes these activities are separated by oceans and times zones. This doesn’t mean that digital documentation should not be shared between these two organizations.

Durable metal tags and polyurethane labels can withstand the harsh environments at sea, which ensures hoses are easily identified, improving installation time. And with limited network availability at sea, having Parker’s Global Services team ensuring all information is updated, available, and easily managed is key.


Digital asset tracking 

So you've heard about digital asset tracking, and its ability to serialize parts for OEMs when they order them. But what about the longer term benefits of these digital asset management programs once the products get out in the field? How can maintenance teams located in offshore and mobile locations make use of this technology?

One important benefit is being able to record and track key lifecycle details for each of the critical components you use. Imagine being able to: 

  • Download a report like "Carfax" on every hose system used on a fleet vessel -- some larger vessels have over 5,000 hose assemblies. 

  • Having ongoing access to critical part-specific information, like component locations, performance events, maintenance needs and service histories, in real time and on-demand means that when the ship hits the dock, your team can get started with the right parts on hand at the right time.

  • And what if those digital records also could organize for customers all the documentation needed with their builds, like updated parts manuals, certifications, maintenance schedules, warranties and even photographs, directly tied to the components in question?

PTS serializes and tags components for customers of all types. Tags and records are created prior to delivery, using the customer's private label if requested, and then these records are seamlessly transferred to the customer's PTS account.

This serialized information then serves as the foundation for a variety of component- and performance-related insights customers can record and track after equipment is put into service.

Maintenance teams benefit from PTS tags and records too: Each asset tag can be private-labeled with contact details, operators never have to question who to contact for service and exact OEM-quality replacements. And should they need to troubleshoot specific components within systems or compare one assembly's performance to another, PTS records can provide them a roadmap.

"It's a chronology of vitals that tracks life-cycle performance for specific parts, helping our customers understand use in the field, performance patterns and develop best practices over time."
William Sayavich, marketing manager, Global Services, Parker Hannifin


Fleet managers - need additional help or guidance on implementing an asset and document management program? Visit PTS to learn more and engage with our team.

Watch the video to learn more about Parker Tracking System.



Bill Sayavich, marketing manager, Parker Hannifin Global Services.Article contributed by Bill Sayavich, marketing manager for Parker Hannifin Global Services.





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