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Easy OEM Hose Assembly Replacement from Parker

Easy OEM Hose Assembly Replacement from Parker Golf Course ManagerThe original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are the best parts to use when replacing a part on a machine. The OEM part will be matched to the original specification of the machine and will give you the confidence that replacement is identical (or better) to what was originally in place. Parker is the OEM that you should trust when it comes to a hose assembly replacement.  

Unexpected failures happen to everything, and your hose assembly is no different. According to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) the average life of a rubber hose is approximately ten years from the date it was manufactured when the conditions are ideal. Of course, in the real world there are several factors like abrasion, pressure spikes, or increased temperatures that could shorten a hoses life.

Being ready when failure happens is important for maintenance. Obtaining an OEM Parker hose assembly replacement has never been easier with PTS tagged hose assemblies. Replacement Parker hose assemblies can now be ordered online, from parker.com and the ParkerStore network and local distributor outlets are here to serve you.

What is a PTS tagged hose assembly?

Easy OEM Hose Assembly Replacement from ParkerParker Tracking Systems (PTS), is an efficient tool that will help you when you need to specify a hose assembly replacement, Each PTS tagged hose assembly has a unique tracking number that provides the details of the hose assembly.  

A PTS tagged hose assembly can be ordered without having to remove the part. PTS eliminates the need to wait for removal before the new part can be acquired. By reducing transaction time, customers can realize significant gains in productivity and increases invaluable up-time.

Replacement PTS tagged hoses now available for online ordering

Parker hydraulic hose replacement is easier than ever when you order your PTS tagged hose assembly online. Your PTS tag includes all the configuration specifications you need.

Ordering is easy, start with your PTS ID number and have your hose replacement shipped to you.

  1. Enter PTS ID from your Parker hose assembly in the product search bar on parker.com 
  2. A match to the PTS ID will be acknowledged 
  3. Detail will be displayed about the hose assembly and the price 
  4. Click buy now to get a replacement hose assembly shipped to you 


Easy OEM Hose Assembly Replacement from ParkerHose repair has never been so easy with ParkerStore HOSE DOCTOR. Limit the interruption of a break and let us bring the solution to you with our mobile, hose repair solution. Trained professionals come to your site with fully stocked trucks to identify, diagnose and replace hose assemblies on hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Plus they're available anytime, day or night, for any of your service and repair needs. 

Get the equipment, hose assembly repair and professional advice you need, so that your downtime doesn’t last a long time. Plus, ParkerStore HOSE DOCTOR is backed by our global network, so we're ready when and where you need us with over 1,000 vehicles around the world.

Find a ParkerStore HOSE DOCTOR nearest you or call 1-866-550-HOSE.

Parker distributors are always nearby

Parker’s global distribution network is unparalleled in the industry. 13,000 locations worldwide ensure, that Parker customers are serviced by local partners in local language. Our distribution network consists of well-trained, local and independent companies possessing their own expertise within technologies such as instrumentation, pneumatics, hydraulics, etc.

Through this network, customers have instant access to Parker's product range as well as services carried out by our distributors. Under the tab "Where to Buy" on parker.com, you will find the Parker distributor that has the products tailored to your needs.

Own your own Parker components

Easy OEM Hose Assembly Replacement from Parker HPD KarrykrimpSometimes speed is very important. And, nothing is faster than owning your own Parker crimper, hoses and fittings. With an inventory of common replacement parts, you will be in the best position to quickly respond to a need for a hose assembly replacement. 

Parker delivers exceptional quality and reliability when it comes to hydraulic crimping equipment and tooling. Factory-quality hose assemblies can be quickly, easily, and cost effectively manufactured with Parker's complete line of equipment and tooling from hose saws, to push-on stands, to hydraulic crimpers, to cleaning and capping systems.

Parker is here to help when failure happens, do not sacrifice quality with anything less than Parker OEM parts.



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Easy OEM Hose Assembly Replacement from Parker HPD Ulises NavezUlises Navez, product sales manager at Hose Products Division, Parker Hannifin






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