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Energy Efficient Nitrogen Generator Launched for North and South America

Parker Hannifin Launches New, Energy Efficient Nitrogen Generator for North and South America - NITROSource Nitrogen Generator - Parker Hannifin Gas Separation & Filtration Division

Parker domnick hunter NITROSource nitrogen generators have been available for over a year in EMEA and Asia Pacific. Now, Parker’s Gas Separation and Filtration Division is pleased to introduce a new NITROSource range of nitrogen generators for North and South America. These nitrogen generators are manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in Lancaster, New York, and carry a unique-to-the-industry five year warranty.

A product of Parker’s worldwide R&D resources and featuring a host of intelligent engineering solutions, unique technology, and a sleek space-saving design, NITROSource nitrogen generators are designed to work more efficiently for customers. Put simply, they're better inside and out. 


Advantages over delivered gas 

NITROSource generators offer a number of significant advantages over delivered gas options, as well as traditional generator designs:

  • Energy saving technology
  • Low maintenance
  • Long working life
  • Five year warranty
  • Industry compliance 
  • Gas quality control
  • Remote monitoring  
  • Easily upgradable supply 

Parker Hannifin Launches New, Energy Efficient Nitrogen Generator for North and South America - True Cost of Tradtional Gas Supply - Parker Hannifin Gas Separation & Filtration DivisionMany plant managers are unaware of the costs incurred to source nitrogen from a traditional gas supply company. In addition to the cost of the nitrogen itself, there are usually delivery fees, HAZMAT fees, and rental costs. Gas companies manufacture nitrogen using cryogenics to cool air to temperatures below -321F (-196C), the nitrogen is then packaged and transported to customers using diesel trucks. On-site nitrogen generation is a cost effective, green alternative to traditional supply of nitrogen.

When you’re considering an on-site nitrogen supply, NITROSource is the benchmark specification for maximum performance and lowest lifetime cost.


Extensive research and design 

Developed through extensive research and design and utilizing the latest flow modelling technology, materials, and control system, NITROSource nitrogen generators offer the highest efficiency available. Advanced energy saving technology requires less compressed air to produce more nitrogen at the lowest unit cost. Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of NITROSource nitrogen generators:

NITROSource generators employ a robust, high efficiency carbon molecular sieve (CMS)—the material that removes the oxygen from the compressed air stream. The CMS is the ‘engine’ of the generator, and the source of valuable performance benefits including:

  • Less compressed air is required to produce more gas
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Long working life resulting in fewer replacements
  • Less CMS is required per unit of gas produced, allowing for a more compact unit

Manufactured to strict quality standards, Parker gas generators have proven reliable in over 50,000 installations globally. Parker gas generators comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) requirements and are used in numerous industries including wine production, snack foods and coffee packaging, metal working, electronics, chemicals, oil and gas, and many others.

Gas generation innovation

Parker Hannifin was a pioneer in new product creation and market development in lab gas generation in the mid 1980’s when customers were looking for alternatives to heavy gas cylinders and liquid nitrogen dewars in their laboratories. Our engineers developed products for creating pure gases from compressed air for demanding laboratory applications. Using that expertise, Parker’s attention quickly turned to the industrial sector which had the same needs for pure, clean nitrogen, but on a larger scale.

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Parker will be displaying our products and systems using OFAS Air Treatment, Nitrogen Generator, Thermal Mass Dryer, OIL-X filters, Transair Aluminum Piping, and Transair Condition Monitoring Sensors. Learn more on our event page.

Guest Speaker, Randy Peccia, product manager, Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division, will be presenting the "Fundamentals of Compressed Air Filtration & Drying Technology" on Tuesday, September 18th at 9:45 am as part of conference track 2.


New Energy Efficient Nitrogen Generator Launched for North and South America - NitroSource Product Information Sheet - Parker Hannifin Filtration & Separation DivisionTo learn more about NITROSource nitrogen generators, download the product information sheet.

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New Energy Efficient Nitrogen Generator Launched for North and South America - Parker Gas Generation Technology Blog Member - Parker Hannifin Filtration & Separation DivisionThis post was contributed by David Connaughton, product manager for Industrial Gas Generation and Global Business Development and Jennifer Fiorello, gas generation technology blog team member, Parker Hannifin Gas Separation and Filtration Division.



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