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Engineered Piping Systems for the Oil and Gas Industry

Engineered Piping Systems for the Oil and Gas IndustryWhere do the leading oil and gas companies go when they need to design piping for complex systems offshore, under the highest pressures and in the harshest environments? These systems serve as the backbone for multi-million dollar operations. A project may require prefabricated piping assemblies delivered to the job site, on-site piping fabrication or a more turnkey approach including installation. When critical systems need to be designed, a reliable partner is needed.

Parker’s Complete Piping Solutions (CPS) team can assume this partner role with services that take clients through the entire process of concept, design, project management, fabrication, and installation, resulting in a long-standing, mutually beneficial relationship.

Engineered piping systems

The CPS segment of Parker’s Tube Fittings Division operates differently from most businesses in the piping industry. It works as a one-stop shop, not only providing the aforementioned design engineering and consultation but delivering in-house fabrication and installation with our team of experts. They match the best Parker products from across the company and deliver the custom system you need, with one of the largest CNC bending capabilities in the world.

Meeting the challenge

Customers face piping challenges in their oil and gas operation every day. Three of the biggest challenges are:

  • keeping systems clean,

  • working efficiently, and 

  • controlling costs.

CNC cold bending capabilities and Parker’s innovative non-welded connections virtually eliminate issues with cleanliness. Assembling piping systems without the need for welding each connection cuts fabrication time down from hours to minutes, and safety concerns associated with open flame and airborne fumes are eliminated.

Mechanical non-welded connections also require fewer inspections, while delivering a reliable seal which oil and gas operations can depend on far into the future.

Strategic partnership

Engineered Piping Systems for the Oil and Gas Industry - Complete Piping Solutions Onsite Parker Hannifin

When so much is at stake, businesses within the oil and gas industry require a system that delivers exactly what they need in a reliable fashion. They can’t settle for a do-it-yourself approach. This takes time, careful consideration of all the factors associated with operating in a remote and potentially harsh environment and attention to detail to find the right system for the application.

With premier customer service in mind, we also design, fabricate and install complete piping systems, in addition to selling products. With a broad range of reliable products and knowledgeable experts ready to deliver the right solution, a lasting partnership can help a business meet their long-term goals step-by-step.

Delivering the right system for the application with expertise and an industry-leading range of product options is how CPS enables customers to choose the services and products that best match their specific needs.

Visit the Complete Piping Solutions website to learn more about what your business can gain by bringing Complete Piping Solutions into the operation.



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