Enjoy the Benefits of a Watermaker On-Board

Yacht watermakerA watermaker turns salt water into fresh water on-demand and can be installed on almost any vessel. Benefits of an on-board watermaker include longer range, less weight, lower fuel costs and higher speeds. A watermaker uses the process of reverse osmosis to remove salt and other contaminants from seawater to provide fresh water onboard versus utilizing large tanks to store fresh water.


Less weight, lower fuel costs, higher speeds

One gallon of water weighs 8.3 pounds. This means that for every 100 gallons of water that are stored on board, you will be adding 830 pounds to the weight of your vessel resulting in wasted fuel and slower speeds.  Installing a watermaker eliminates the need for water storage tanks. 


Cruise without limits or boundaries

Another benefit of having a watermaker is an increased range. With a watermaker on board, you don’t need to plan your boating activities around marina stops. Cruise direct to your destination or cruise to limitless distances without the need to stock up on fresh water.


Freshwater wash downs

Wash downs using fresh water, provided by an onboard watermaker, are highly effective in preserving your yacht’s exterior, which can aid in maintaining the value of your yacht. Because sea salt and other minerals are removed from the water, the exterior surface of your vessel dries clean, without water spots.


Convenient for every boating activity

Whether you need potable water to drink, cook, bathe or wash down your yacht, owning a Parker watermaker provides unlimited possibilities that will save money and increase your leisure time. A Parker watermaker is the solution to many of your boating challenges.


Interested in a watermaker?


Enjoy the Benefits of a Watermaker On-Board - Watermaker Selector - Parker HannifinThis new selector tool takes the guesswork out of choosing a watermaker. Try it and see for yourself.






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