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Expanding Your Diagnostic Capabilities with Wireless Sensors

Expanding Your Diagnostic Capabilities - Asset Condition Monitoring Image - Parker SensoNODEWhen it comes to a successful predictive maintenance strategy, diagnostics is king. Being able to pull meaningful information from your assets allows you to detect patterns in their performance, so you can see where issues might be forming.

By monitoring and tracking an asset’s pressure, temperature, and humidity levels, users cover the three most important aspects of an effective predictive maintenance strategy:

  • Acquiring real-time and historical data trends of assets and processes
  • Detecting and diagnosing any issues that could snowball into problems
  • Delivering analytics and alerts to operators when needed

Ultimately, the goal is to minimize unplanned downtime and reduce repair costs by basing maintenance routines on what’s actually happening rather than reacting to unexpected events, or fixing problems that don’t exist. However, some assets can be more difficult to monitor than others.

Traditional diagnostic devices require additional wires and cables attached to power supplies and sensors. This sometimes prevents operators from running their assets while performing diagnostics, making for less-than-precise measurements. Also, because it takes time to set up the sensor and perform the diagnostics, measurements aren’t taken very often, offering just a snapshot of an asset’s conditions. 

Fortunately, the Internet of Things has opened the door to innovation, and Parker Hannifin has developed state-of-the-art solutions to help push the limits of your diagnostic capabilities into exciting new territory.


Making wireless diagnostics easier

Expanding Your Diagnostic Capabilities - Wireless Diagnostics Product Line - Parker Quick Coupling DivisionThe 4-20mA transmitter turns any 4-20mA sensor wireless, making it easier to monitor an asset without shutting it down. The transmitter can be mounted with either the magnetized base or the threaded stud port.

Soft, thin, and conformable, the SensoNODE flexible displacement sensor takes accurate measurements and readings while being strained over 100% for millions of cycles. Made with the durable electroactive polymer technology (EAP), the sensors can withstand the harshest environments.

The new wireless ServiceJunior™ CONNECT digital pressure sensor features min/max memory capability and graphic display. Its 10ms scan rate provides increased accuracy and faster frequencies to diagnostics.

Tired of replacing batteries? The new wired power supply lets you power wireless sensors from a standard wall outlet for a continuous power source.

A new vacuum sensor monitors expanding pressure ranges and is ideal for vacuum pump monitoring and detecting system leaks. We’ve also introduced two new temperature sensors to better accommodate specific applications: The foot sensor makes it easier to monitor the temperature of your pipes and hoses, while the probe sensor is perfect for injection molding applications.


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Expanding Your Diagnostic Capabilities - Dan Davis Product Manager - Parker Hannifin SensoNODEThis post was contributed by Dan Davis, product sales manager, SensoNODE Sensors and SCOUT Software, Parker Hannifin.






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