Expansion of Biogas Solutions for Siloxane and VOC Removal

Expansion of Biogas Solutions for Siloxane and VOC Removal - Parker Hiross PpTek - biogas facility With nearly 150 facilities worldwide, PpTek Ltd., located in Yapton, West Sussex, UK, and Parker are leaders in the field of regenerative siloxane and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) removal. Parker acquired PpTek in October 2015, and its products are an important addition to the existing and extensive portfolio of Parker Biogas Solutions.           

Volatile Methyl Siloxane (VMS) are chemicals that are widely used in personal care products, the dry cleaning industry and cleaning of electronic circuits.

Also there are many, mostly organic waste, waste streams containing essential oils (terpenes). These oils are the largest group in the aforementioned VOCs. These could include citrus fruits (shells), Christmas trees and pruning of conifers. The waste from these products goes into wastewater or is dumped into landfills and are thereby one of the most popular waste for fermentation.

Challenges for combustion engines

Expansion of Biogas Solutions for Siloxane and VOC Removal - Siloxane compounds in engine - Parker Hiross PPTekSiloxane compounds during combustion give off silicon dioxide or "sand" with disastrous effects on combustion engines. But even when upgrading to biomethane for natural gas, the siloxane must be removed. It is clear that consumers do not want siloxane as a biofuel.

Also, the combustion process changes essential oils to harmful products for engines and compressors causing them to crash or not boot. For biogas generation with membranes, oils are harmful in the primary process, namely the membranes themselves. In addition, these oils, at very low concentrations, give off a very strong smell. This is highly undesirable when biogas is used or added to natural gas. 

The quality of the reprocessed biogas is very important. Both old and new installations will be forced to use very expensive solutions to meet their obligations. In this context, the PpTek approach fits perfectly into the Parker policy: helping customers with the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the highest customer satisfaction.

PpTek provides a regenerative system based on one very important point, different from competitive systems in the market, regenerative activated carbon. The system captures water (vapor) causing the capture capacity to remain fully available for the siloxane and VOC's. Result: a more compact system. In addition, the system has proven the effectiveness of the medium which translates into a standard warranty of five years or 1820 cycles.

Expansion of Biogas Solutions for Siloxane and VOC Removal - Parker Hiross  PPtekThe Parker Biogas Solutions portfolio also supplies highly efficient drying of the biogas-based refrigeration drying. In combination with the very efficient separation of condensation, this provides the removal of water vapor though the bulk removal of the VOC's and siloxane. The system can be delivered in a smaller footprint and as a more efficient solution than was possible in the past. Of course, Parker also provides up to -70 °C dew point pressure solutions, but they are of course only used further on in the process.

PpTek has been recognized in the industry with "The Queen's Award for Enterprise.". The Queen's Award is one of the highest awards for business success in the UK. This is acknowledged worldwide; PpTek is very successful with a unique solution in the industry and a successful export product.

Parker Hannifin was already a supplier of an extensive range of Biogas Solutions where we mainly look at sustainability and lower total cost of ownership TCO. For example, features for the biogas filtration are mainly due to the low pressure drop and our biogas chillers provide all the necessary coatings for the protection of the often corrosive environment in a biogas plant.


Hans de Jong - Expansion of Biogas Solutions for Siloxane and VOCArticle contributed by Hans de Jong, Application Engineer Technical Gasses, Parker Netherlands








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