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Exploring Engine Filtration Today and In the Future

Exploring Engine Filtration Today and In the Future - Tanker Truck - Parker Racor Division Effective filtration is vital for the reliable and smooth operation of any engine. Complex logistics planning for transportation activities relies on equipment availability and trouble-free operation. Nothing creates havoc more than unexpected failures or extended maintenance. When an engine failure occurs, profits generated by that transportation unit can be severely impacted.


Engine protection

Selecting the right engine filtration system assures efficient protection from damaging solid and liquid contamination and is key to minimizing unscheduled maintenance and downtime.

“The truth is, if your filtration doesn’t perform, and results in a breakdown, the costs could, in fact, consume the whole profitability of that truck for an entire year.”

Derek Martin, aftermarket business development manager, Parker Racor EMEA

To begin, the fleet manager needs to be cognizant of the responsible balance between short-term cost savings and long-term satisfaction. While the former might represent a positive, immediate result, the latter assures sustainable revenue and profitability. It is important to be cost conscious, but not to be “penny wise and pound foolish.” Partnering with the lowest cost supplier often results in a relationship that limits long-term efficient operation. Identifying and working with a partner prepared to deliver now with reliable, cost-effective, validated technology, and committed to investing in product innovation for the future, is critical to long-term success.


Exploring Engine Filtration Today and In the Future - Parker Racor Changing Filtration Brochure - Parker Racor Division Download the product brochure to learn how Parker Racor is bringing tomorrow’s filtration technology to the commercial aftermarket.




FACTS magazine visits Parker Racor

FACTS, the pan-European transport and logistics magazine, explored the topic of engine filtration in a recent issue (pages 90-91). FACTS toured Parker Racor’s European research and manufacturing facility in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England. Parker Racor is a global innovation leader in fuel, air, and oil filtration systems for internal combustion engines and fuel delivery, with over 100 active patents and 45 years of media development.


R&D and testing

The tour began at Parker Racor’s high-tech testing center. At the testing center, Racor shared the technology and investments that go into research and development of filtration products. Each product undergoes rigorous performance testing to ensure the optimum filter solution for each application. The lab is equipped with testing equipment to assess:

  • Water separation
  • Particle removal efficiency
  • Vibration testing
  • Advanced engine test cell for testing 500KW diesel engines

“The Test Cell is unlike any product testing equipment we have seen before and is ... able to simulate real working life conditions – taking into account vehicle loads, performance requirements and environmental factors”

— FACTS Magazine, 2017 


New fuel filtration challenges

Due to tightening emissions regulations and the push toward greener, more ecologically sound technologies, the chemistry of diesel fuel blends has changed.

"Today’s diesel fuels are predominantly ULSD and have a number of additives with increasing percentage of bio-diesels. This change ... has an adverse effect on the performance of the traditional fuel filters – particularly on their ability to separate emulsified water; moreover, in today’s sophisticated high common rail (HPCR) injection systems where the clearances for fuel injection are reduced to microscale regions (5 microns) with operating pressures in excess of 2500 bars, fuel filtration systems need to be highly efficient in removing sub 4 micron particles, too”

— Dr. Farooq, senior media scientist, Parker Racor EMEA

Parker Racor is partnering with universities and research centers in the area to develop innovative filtration media capable of handling these new challenges.

“Parker Racor is continually investing in its engineering facilities and it is a centre of excellence for engine filtration products. Covering all engineering disciplines, we are capable of developing innovative and patented filtration systems for today and the next generation of engine”

— Steven Wilson, test and development manager, Parker Racor EMEA


Next generation fuel filters

Today, one of the biggest obstacles for diesel fuel water separators is clogging — their ability to separate water from fuels diminishes as diesel contaminants build up.

Parker’s media research team showed FACTS how they have addressed this problem by developing the next generation of fuel filters – 3D coalescers — using engineered media capable of achieving good end-of-life water separation efficiencies. Figure 1 shows Parker’s new yet to be launched 3D coalescer fuel filter’s water separation efficiency. Figure 2 shows how Parker Racor’s current fuel filter performs against similar products on the market.

Figure 1: Parker Racor 3D coalescer fuel filter water separation efficiency

Exploring Engine Filtration Today and In the Future - Parker 3D Coalescer water separation efficiency - Parker Racor Division


Figure 2: Competitive comparison

Exploring Engine Filtration Today and In the Future - Parker 3D Coalescer competitive comparison - Parker Racor Division



Partnering with a supplier that invests in performance testing and technology development to meet customers changing needs will result in reliable and cost efficient engine operation now and in the future.

“Aftermarket customers may be loyal to a particular brand, but it may not necessarily be the best product for your application — a message that has been proven a country mile during our visit to Parker Racor. The decision for your next filters should not be based on price, it should be based on the facts.”

— FACTS Magazine, 2017


Exploring Engine Filtration Today and In the Future - FACTS Magazine Article - Parker Racor Division To learn more about how Parker Racor commits itself to the filtration needs of its customers as well as developing breakthrough technologies for the future, please read the entire article on pages 90 - 91







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Exploring Engine Filtration Today and In the Future - Melanie Day, Marketing Services Manager - Parker Racor DivisionThis blog was contributed by Melanie Day, marketing services manager, Parker Racor.





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