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Fluid Conveyance and Asset Tracking in Mining

Fluid Conveyance and Asset Tracking in Mining - off highway truck in open mine - Parker HannifinAs one of the leading suppliers to the mining market, Parker provides its customers with a broad portfolio of fluid handling technologies capable of increasing the efficiency and productivity of ore retrievers, off-road trucks and forklifts, among other equipment.

Here are some of the applications in which these technologies are being applied successfully.



Wagon loader systems

Fluid Handling and Asset Tracking in Mining and Construction - Hydraulic system for loading wagons - Parker Hannifin- Hydraulics

In assembling its latest wagon loading station, Schenck Process entrusted Parker with supplying hydraulic units, cylinders, manifold blocks and interconnection systems. The custom solution designed by Parker with these components was used to power the station






Fluid driving for ship harvesters

Fluid Management and Component Tracking Solutions Reach Mining Market - Fluid-Driven Turn-Key Design with Seamless Connections - Parker Brazil - Fluid Connectors Division

Ship harvesters in Brazilian ore shipping ports are already using full hydraulic fluids management systems provided by Complete Piping Solutions (CPS), Parker's business unit focused on providing turn-key solutions in pipeline projects. These special systems incorporate the solderless EO2 Form connections, which represent valuable cost savings with increased time and increased safety in the installation.




Fluid Conveyance and Asset Tracking in MiningLongwall mining accounts for about 50 percent of underground production and has a 60-100 percent coal recovery rate. Parker components and systems can be found on the main shearer, pan line, conveyors and the hydraulic roof supports. From supplicated machine controls to leak-free hoses and fittings, Parker is there to increase productivity and safety.




Surface mining

Fluid conveyance and Asset Tracking in MiningMachinery used in surface mining varies widely from the equipment used in underground mining. The types of machinery used in strip, contour, open pit, and mountaintop removal mining are similar to those used on typical construction sites around the world. Excavators, loader backhoes, dump trucks, and power shovels are all at the heart of the action. Wherever the mine is, Parker is there with the people, products, and services needed to address your concerns and keep you up and running.


Continuous miners

Fluid Handling and Asset Tracking in MiningContinuous miners account for roughly 45 percent of underground coal production. Primarily used in room and pillar mines, these massive machines can remove coal from the seam at a rate of five tons a minute. Keeping these machines up and running requires motion and control products that are durable, environmentally friendly and readily available. Parker products meet or exceed MSHA and MDG41 industry requirements.



FluidConveyance and Asset Tracking in Mining - hose whip - Parker HannifinTracking and protection of hoses

Any process in mining can be made much safer and more reliable by the adoption of three Parker technologies for the management of hydraulic hoses:

  • PTS, a tracking system already successfully applied to tapered crushers in Brazil.

  • Hose Whip Restraint, used for retention of hoses subject to high pressure.

  • Partek Defensewhich contains the fluid in case of breakage (see video below).




At Parker Hannifin, we understand the concerns facing our mining customers. We know that safety is your number one priority and have the products and services to ensure your team gets the job done safely. We know that reducing downtime and increasing your throughput are also the keys to your success. Whether it’s a single product, sub-assembly or total turnkey system, we have the solution that aligns with your needs. So whether you’re working in a dragline or high wall surface mine, conventional underground or longwall mine, Parker is your first choice to engineer your success. Parker is the world’s leading supplier of hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical systems and components. Customers in 48 countries rely on Parker for engineering excellence, world-class manufacturing, and outstanding customer service to provide comprehensive application solutions that are second to none.

Learn more about the fluid handling and conveyance solutions Parker has to offer the mining industry in our most recent guide.
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