GVM Motor Gives Traction to Brammo's Winning Motorcycles

Shane Turpin after crossing finish line first at Indianapolis motor speedway - image from BrammoIf you want to find  machines representing two of the highest performance electric racing motorcycles on the planet, look no further than the Brammo Empulse RR and Empulse TTX bikes. This summer you can see these bikes, which incorporate Parker's GVM traction motor, on race tracks across California and most recently at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Parker sponsors riders

Brammo Inc. once again competed in the all- Electric FIM eRoadRacing motorcycle series in 2013. The results this year are the same as the previous two years. Brammo is once again the North American Champion! This marks the third year in a row that Brammo has won the North American Championship using Parker motors in their motorcycles.

Eric Bostrom and Shane Turpin rode for Team Icon Brammo on the Empulse RR prototype superbikes. Joining the team this year is AMA Pro Racer, Shelina Moreda, who rode the Brammo Empulse TTX for the Parker sponsored Team Parker Brammo in the eSuperStock category. Eric and Shane each won a race this season but in the end, Eric had the highest point total and was crowned the 2013 North American Champion. 

In the 2012 season, Brammo won not only the North American Championship but the World Championship as well using Parker GVM motors. This year, Parker provided even more powerful GVM motors for the Empulse RR machines.  It seems to have worked  and helped Brammo have the horsepower to repeat as Champions and maintain their title. In fact, since Brammo started using Parker motors in their racing motorcycles, they have won the North American Championship every single year.


Brammo makes motorcycling history

Brammo Riders Shane Turpin, Shelina Moreda, Eric Bostrum with bikes powered by Parker Hannifin GVM Traction MotorsAccording to Brammo insiders, "From the drop of the green flag, team ICON Brammo riders Shane Turpin and Eric Bostrom got busy getting G-O-N-E!  Eric Bostrum gave a more than valiant effort trying to chase down "Tornado" Turpin, but wasn't totally comfortable with the set-up on his bike.  Shane was on a mission and feeling extra confident in the changes made to his no.14 Empulse RR13 since qualifying that allowed him to push the bike harder than he ever had. At the checkered flag the Brammo bikes were there – beating all comers and establishing the first ever electric motorcycle (and vehicle) lap record at Indianapolis Motor Speedway."

Meanwhile, Team Parker Brammo rider Shelina Moreda, the first woman to ever ride a motorcycle at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, took home a well-deserved 5th place on the eSuperstock Empulse TTX, drafting and then passing Ted Rich down the straight just before the start/finish line.


Traction motors power success

GVM Electric Traction Motors - Brammo Motorcycles - Parker HannifinAll three of the Brammo Empulse motorcycles are powered with the Parker GVM traction motors.  The GVM motors are designed to handle a large array of traction applications. The motors are well suited for high end power sport motorcycles as well as off road heavy equipment,  passenger cars, leisure boats and heavy duty trucks. 

Racing conditions push our products far beyond their normal operating parameters.  Within these extreme conditions, there is a lot to learn about how the GVM traction motor functions. What we learn on the track allows us to improve our products making them better and more reliable for our customers.

Jay Schultz Parker Hannifin Product Manager - GVM Traction Motor


“It was another fantastic display of electric vehicle technology.  Parker Hannifin is proud to be a sponsor of Brammo and provider of the GVM electric traction motor.”

-Jay Schultz, Parker Hannifin GVM Motor Product Manager


Motorcycles were the first motorized vehicles to race at the Indy track. The "modern age" of motorcycle racing at the track began in 2008 when they added a new infield section to allow the MotoGP world championship to race there.  Brammo motorcycles are the first electric powered vehicles to race at the track and now hold the lap record for electric motorcycles and electric vehicles at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Source: Brammo motorcycle Images and story from  Brammo Inc.

Source: Brammo GVM motor image from AM Racing

Check out the upcoming race calendar for Brammo to see for yourself, what these motorcycles can do.


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