High-load Rodless Actuators Powering the Factory Automation Revolution

High-load Rodless Actuators Powering the Factory Automation RevolutionThe arguments advocating more automation in our factories and process plants are gaining momentum and translating into a revolution in production environments. 

Parker designs automated linear motion solutions such as electromechanical actuators to offer a combination of load handling, space-saving, and reliability attributes. This all links to the overall goal of optimising throughput and minimising costs. We’ve also noticed that versatility and simple utilisation in multi-axis solutions are also becoming more important, particularly for applications such as materials handling and feed systems, as well as production and packaging machinery. 


High-performance linear actuator with long lifetime

The latest high-load rodless linear actuators, such as the HLR series, achieve a load capacity at 3847 Newtons (N) that is circa 20 percent higher than existing solutions. Notably, we’ve incorporated a square rail, which not only promotes higher load capabilities but also longer operating life. Performance parameters include speed up to 5 m/s, acceleration up to 50 m/s2 and repeatability of ±0.05 mm.

Having high load and thrust force capabilities can save money for your plant by allowing the deployment of a smaller actuator than would normally be required. We all know that floor space costs money, so the opportunity to use more compact automation solutions and create space for additional capacity is quite literally, priceless.


High-load Rodless Actuators Powering the Factory Automation Revolution Product Shot Electromechanical and Drives Division EuropeReduce the complexity of multi-axis positioning system

Parker’s compact HLR actuators also facilitate the fast and easy creation of multi-axis solutions. If your machine or system is based on a double or multiple axis gantry design, then the HLR concept can be expanded quickly and easily, saving money by reducing design resource and solution complexity. 

For instance, in double-axis applications, our system makes use of a connecting shaft to ensure the synchronous and rigid transmission of the drive torque to a second linear actuator arranged in parallel. With the use of toe clamps for mounting the actuators, one or two cross beams can be fastened directly to the carriage of linear actuators, dispensing with the need for additional connection plates.

Sometimes, a complete, pre-defined drive and control package can be supplied to match and integrate actuators into a wide range of applications, and here at Parker, we can supply it. By using a pre-defined drive package consisting of an actuator, motor, gearbox, and servo-controller, a complete drive train can be quickly selected to suit your specific task.

Automating a machine or system is one thing, but sourcing innovative automation offering genuine competitive gain is quite another, particularly with regard to linear motion. Here, only factors such as high-load capabilities, high speed, compact dimensions, reliability, repeatability, and the simple creation of multi-axis solutions can provide the levels of future-proofing required to remain ahead of the pack.

If you would like to discover more about our HLR actuator and the benefits it can bring to your project, please click here.


Product Manager Olaf Zeiss from the Electric Motion and Pneumatic Division (Offenburg) explains product features, product configurations and typical applications of the electromechanical linear axis HLR in an audio podcast in conversation with Rochus Bindner. Olaf also has a lot of interesting things to say about the expected service life, the maximum load, the maintenance requirements and multi-axis assemblies.



High-load Rodless Actuators Powering the Factory Automation Revolution Olaf Zeiss Electromechanical and Drives DivisionThis article was contributed to by Olaf Zeiss, product manager, Electromechanical and Drives Division Europe, Parker Hannifin Corporation.





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