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High Performance Non-Weld Flange System Certified for Marine Market

High Performance Flange system certified for Marine Market Marine High Pressure Connectors Europe DivisionThe marine market is especially demanding when it comes to high pressure hydraulic connections. These need to withstand the harshest conditions and vibrations. With classic welded connections there can be a need for post-welding pipe inspection X-raying and cleaning-processes that are time-consuming and costly and sometimes the simply do not withstand vibrations and harsh conditions.

The HPF "Parker High Performance Flange System" from Parker Hannifin High Pressure Connectors Europe is now also certified for the high demanding marine market. High-Performance Flanges contribute significantly to a reduction in assembly time and costs of hydraulic flange connections, as it replaces error-prone and time-consuming welded connections.

The modified product range comes with an upgraded one-piece flange design and qualifies the product for marine markets (marine type approvals DNV/GL, LR).

Broad range of sizes

Parker‘s HPF System has been specially designed and developed to meet todays and future requirements of marine, mobile hydraulic and industrial equipment: high performance and high pressure.

The system is generally applicable for working pressures up to 420 bar. But the design opens the door to go even beyond this pressure rating: by choosing a suitable combination of flange, insert and tube the pressure rating can be increased to 500 bar. The System is adjusted to standard tube dimensions with diameters from 25 to 150 mm and wall thickness up to 20 mm. It is designed for flange patterns according to ISO 6162-1 (SAE J518, code 61), ISO 6162-2 (SAE J518, code 62) and ISO 6164. 

Learning from nature

The best solutions for complex design problems can often be found in nature. The flaring of a tube for HPF is similar to the shape of a branch where it joints the trunk of a tree: The tube is flared by hydraulic axial pressure giving it a parabolic shaping, increasing from 10° up to 37°. The initial gentle incline of the shaping guarantees additional safety against strong system vibrations. The DGUV confirmed the capability of this unique, patented system especially for the use in hydraulic and mechanical presses as well as in hydraulic power systems for injection moulding machines. Beside that, the system is an ideal solution for marine and offshore applications. It is type approved by various classification societies like DNV/GL, LR and others.

Special flanging for enormous high-pressure resistance

High Performance Flange system certified for Marine Market HPF High Pressure Connectors Europe

HPF flanges are equipped with a specially designed and hardened inner grip contour, providing excellent additional tear-off safety for the connection. A soft sealed, shaped insert is placed into the flared end of the tube. The tube side of the insert is equipped with an O-Ring. On the port side the sealing is guaranteed by an O-Ring or by the special profile F37 Seal. The F37 Seal was developed especially for the use with SAE flanges. These special seals guarantee a high form stability. Compared to standard O-Rings, their mechanical properties prevent gap extrusion, even when the flanges “breathe” under pressure. The special profile of the F37 Seal is ideally adapted to higher pressures or unsuitable surface finish of the flanges. The application of these soft-sealing elements both on the port side and tube side guarantees the gas leak tightness of the HPF connector. As the insert does not have a toothed profile, it can be easily assembled repeatdly.

Cost advantages over welded systems

Nowadays many tube connections are welded. However, as even the best welding operator may make a mistake, each welding seam has to be tested, leading to an enormous loss of time and a significant cost increase. Even finding trained staffed may be critical. Apart from enormous time savings for the joint preparation itself, High Performance Flanges offer various advantages compared to the welding solution:

  • Welding galvanic zinc-plated tubes is always critical. With HPF zinc-plated tubes can be used, there is no further painting necessary.
  • Welding seams must be descaled and often be stained. Dealing with this process and substances is an environmental risk.
  • Welded tubes need to be intensively cleaned inside. HPF tube assemblies do not require any special cleaning, reducing flushing time and costs during initial system startup.
  • The flanging process does not cause noxious gases, thus eliminating explosion risks and fire hazards.
  • The HPF tube forming is a machined cold forming process. Therefore there is no need for X-raying the connection.

Personnel and environment-friendly

By comparing the individual operations for a welded line with Parker flanges connected lines, significant cost savings opportunities become immediately obvious. No vapours putting health at risk are released, in contrast to conventional welding processes. Consequently, usage is possible in locations with high requirements such as, for example, offshore oil platforms. In addition to this flaring machine design errors in the preparation of flanges are virtually unknown. Stress corrosion cracking generated during welding operations is history and the life of the finished tubing system is increased. Cold formed Parflange® technologies save power and energy compared to welding and require neither degreasers nor anti-corrosion agents. When galvanized tubes are used, post-galvanization can be omitted because the zinc-coating is not impaired by flaring. Parker flange connector components are delivered in state of the art Cr(VI)-free surfaces.

For series production and modernization: complete service from one source

HPF hydraulic connections are not only at home in series production. In modernization and maintenance projects they serve as cost-saving, durable replacements for welded systems.

Of particular interest to project managers is the fact that Parker offers its customers complete solutions for hydraulic piping systems: Parker's "Piping Solutions" modules can include the piping layout, drawing design and documentation, the preparation of hydraulic lines in terms of pipe bending, flanging and cleaning up to installation. The service ranges from on-site construction management and assembly to testing, flushing and documenting the entire system.

This eliminates the need for time-consuming coordination of different contacts and projects can be realized much faster. Learn more about Parker's High Performance Flange System


High Performance Flange system certified for Marine Market Thomas Rüdiger, Product Unit Manager Piping, High Pressure Connector Europe Parker HPCEArticle contributed by Thomas Rüdiger, product unit manager (piping), High-Pressure Connectors Europe Division, Parker Hannifin Corporation






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