How An Alternative Axial Piston Pump Delivers Design Flexibility and Cost Savings - Infographic

Axial Piston PumpFinding a cost-effective piston pump for a heavy-duty application with a shorter lead time and design flexibility can be very uncommon in the marketplace. 

However, Parker's PVplus Axial Piston Variable Displacement Pump is positioned to be that solution. 

After 25 plus years, PVplus is the proud alternative to Parker's legacy line, Premier Series for High-Pressure Industrial Hydraulic Piston Pump.

Through supply chain improvements and by leveraging shared design features across its variety of frame sizes, PVplus Axial Piston Variable Displacement Pumps offers shorter lead times, resulting in quicker availability. 

In addition to quicker availability, PVplus is more cost-effective with up to 50% savings in the purchase cost, providing an even stronger value proposition.  

PVplus also offers a wide range of configurable components, including control and shaft options to ensure flexibility and high responsiveness. 

Finally, PVplus offers over 14 displacements, an over 150% increase over Premier, providing more flexibility in applications, such as: 

  • Presses and material forming machinery
  • Test rigs and HPU systems
  • Steel mills
  • Oil and gas
  • Marine Lifts, hoists, winches and cranes
  • Drill Rigs 

In fact, a recent collaboration with Eco Green on a heavy-duty application, mining tire recycling equipment, resulted in a perfect fit for HPS' PVplus Axial Piston Pump. 

The PVplus was chosen to support a portion of the tire recycling equipment, Eco Razor, which removes the high-quality rubber from the mining tires with a buffing head and saw. 

The solution to adequately support Eco Razor's robust hydraulic system, was a combination of Parker pumps and motors including the PVplus Axial Piston Pump. The PVplus was specifically chosen for its variable displacement, which is designed and optimized specifically for use in heavy-duty applications like the Eco Razor. 

In this unique application, the hydraulic system required an open loop pump that could handle a 4,000 PSI requirement. With pressure ratings of up to 420 bar and high-speed ratings, the PVplus Axial Piston Pump''s swashplate principle provides high productivity and power density for this application. 

For more details why to choose PVplus, check out Parker's Hydraulic Pump and Power System's  5 Reasons to Choose PVplus Axial Piston Pumps Infographic. 

5 Reasons to Choose PVplus Axial Piston Pumps

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