How Can a PTO Be Classified and Found Online?

How Can a PTO be Classified and Found Online? aerial truck Chelsea Products DivisionPower Take-Offs (PTOs) provide truck versatility beyond the usual function of providing transportation for materials. Power is directed from the engine to the auxiliary equipment to perform the work. With many applications for PTOs, there are many different PTO designs being developed - each design for its specific application of use. This creates many categories to assist in your search for the right PTO. Below are some of the main filtering search categories and tools that can be used to ensure the correct PTO is chosen for each application.


Mounting type on transmissions

The variety of transmissions being used in the market today leads to multiple mounting types available for PTOs. The different mounting types can be designed around clearance concerns and assembly arrangements with the specific transmission application.


Depending on the transmission being the PTO is being applied to, there could be a couple of apertures from which to choose. The aperture is the opening on either side of the transmission which permits installation of a PTO. They can be standard or non-standard depending on the transmission manufacturer.

Number of bolts:

The number of bolts required to mount the PTO to the transmission is one way to classify the PTO. At Parker Chelsea, we have 6-Bolt, 8-Bolt, and 10-Bolt PTO designs. 

Mounting option:

We also have rear mount, Ford, reversable and split shaft PTOs. Each one is a category that can be searched in our products tab (parker.com/Chelsea). For the difference of the split shaft PTOs themselves, it is important to note that they are attached within the vehicle’s drivetrain, behind the transmission, and they require special mounting to the chassis frame.


Transmission manufacturer

How Can a PTO be Classified and Found Online? web page Chelsea Products DivisionWhen looking for the right PTO, you must know the make of your transmission. It is an easy and effective way to narrow down your search results quickly. At Parker Chelsea, we use an application guide that allows you to conduct a search based on the transmission manufacturer. From there, you will find a list of transmissions that will lead to pages that show the available PTOs. In our products tab (parker.com/Chelsea), there is a filter in place to search based on the transmission manufacturer.


Shift type

Chelsea PTOs can be sorted by shift type by using the category filter in the products tab (parker.com/Chelsea). The options in this filter are constant mesh, hydraulic, lever, pneumatic and wire and cable. Constant mesh applies to applications that always require live power and are engaged as long as the engine is running. All others have the ability to be engaged and disengaged.


Example of how to classify and find a PTO

For an example of a product series to display how a PTO can be categorized in many ways, let’s use Parker Chelsea’s 280 Series PTO. The 280 Series PTO can be found on Allison and other transmission manufacturers. It is a 10-Bolt, hydraulically-shifted PTO. If you are unsure of the information initially, you can visit the product page to learn more about the PTO series. With this information, you would be able to find the PTO series in a product search based on the mounting type under 10-Bolt. For shift type, it would fall into the hydraulic filter. Both of those search results can be filtered down on parker.com/Chelsea.

How Can a PTO be Classified and Found Online? Web site product selection Chelsea Products Division


What else Is good to know when determining your PTO selection?

The driven equipment being used is an important aspect of your PTO selection. While classifying PTO search categories can help narrow down search results, the driven equipment as well will need to be considered when making your final decision. Some helpful information to find the right final product includes the type of driven equipment, the input horsepower required for the driven equipment and the operating speed of the driven equipment. The quick reference guide online provides what information is helpful to know.


Materials to help you find the right PTO

You can find different support materials on the website to help learn more about the PTO options available for your application as well as more in-depth information of the PTOs themselves. The products tab, as mentioned, will have the different product category filters to narrow down your PTO search. On the homepage, you can find a competitor interchange tool. if you know of a competitor’s product, and you want to find the Parker Chelsea equivalent, you can learn more on the product page and find similar PTOs of Parker Chelsea. Other support materials to assist in your search can be found on the homepage as well as the support tab: brochures, catalogs, part lists and more. 


Links to find additional information

Products tab

Application guide

Competitor interchange tool

Quick reference guide

Support tab


How Can a PTO be Classified and Found Online? Michael Mabrouk Chelsea Products DivisionThis article was contributed by Michael Mabrouk, marketing leadership associate, Chelsea Products Division, Parker Hannifin Corporation.  






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