How Common is Nitrogen Generation?

How Common is Nitrogen Generation? | conveyer belt | Parker FiltrationWe often hear from customers that were not aware that they could make their own nitrogen from compressed air. As more and more of us are focused on our day to day activities, it is not at all surprising that people are not aware of the various industries that rely on on-site nitrogen generation. Today, nitrogen is the number two chemical by pound manufactured commercially and is used in a wide variety of industrial as well as food and beverage applications.


How widespread is industrial nitrogen generation?

In the oil and gas or petro-chemical industries, nitrogen generation is commonly used to blanket or transport chemicals both to prevent fire and to preserve the chemical from the harmful effects of oxidation. Nitrogen is also used in selective soldering and other soldering applications to eliminate any oxidation in the solder joint in the electronics market. The metals industry uses on-site nitrogen generation for aluminum degassing as well as nitrogen for laser cutting or extruding aluminum. 

In heat treating applications, nitrogen is used and valued in industrial applications, as it can be used to prevent fire or explosion, and in the plastic injection molding industry, nitrogen is used for its dryness and inertness.

How Common is Nitrogen Generation?+Model DB30 Parker Nitrogen Generator+Parker BalstonParker has been producing nitrogen generators since 1985 and we have over 50,000 nitrogen generators deployed worldwide. If you have an application, chances are we have supplied a generator for it before. Parker has expertise in manufacturing generators for the food and beverage industry, as well as applications such as packaging coffee or snack foods, bottling wine, blanketing edible oils, and more. The nitrogen preserves flavors, aromas, and shelf life. 

Our new two-year warranty assures users of a trouble-free start-up. Parker's nitrogen generators are designed for longevity and reliability. We have many generators that have performed well for years upon years. Filters should be replaced every six months and valves rebuilt or replaced every two years. Maintenance is very easy and is typically done by Parker technicians at a customer’s site.

Contact us today about your specific gas generation application and we can recommend a nitrogen generation solution that is cost-effective with a typical payback of two years or less, versus, delivered nitrogen.


For more information industrial nitrogen generators, please visit our website.


This post was contributed by David Connaughton, Nitrogen Generation systems product manager, and Jennifer Fiorello, Gas Generation technology blog team member - Parker Hannifin




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