How to Achieve Reliable and Accurate Function of Lasers

How to Scheive Reliable and Accurate Function of Lasers - Laser cutting - Parker HirossToday, lasers are used in a variety of industries including automotive, plastic, packaging, clothing, furniture, toys, label production, musical instruments, and medical. In order to be competitive, meet market expectations, and adhere to strict quality standards, businesses around the world are turning to industrial lasers to support their manufacturing processes.


Effective operation

The key to the success of implementing a laser system is not just having a laser, but ensuring it functions properly. In order to do this, it's very important that close attention is paid the to temperature of the water running through it. Variations in operating temperature will affect the laser's performance and increase downtime levels, resulting in costly maintenance and lost production.

These high-powered lasers generate a large amount of heat and must be dissipated to avoid overheating critical components. Regardless of whether it is a Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Neodymium, or Fiber laser, it will require a cooling system to remove excess heat. Water cooling is used for most industrial lasers because of its availability and high thermal capacity. It is necessary to maintain a high level of control over the temperature and cleanliness of the cooling water for three main reasons:

  1. Water temperature affects the precision of the laser wavelength
  2. Thermal management is required for higher output efficiency
  3. Reduction of thermal stress is critical in achieving the desired beam quality

A reliable supply of cooling water is required to keep the laser functioning properly. If there are variations in operating temperature, the laser machine performance is negatively affected, resulting in costly, time-consuming downtime.


A flexible solution

How to Achieve Reliable and Accurate Function of Lasers - Hyperchill Plus Chiller - Parker Gas Separation and Filtration DivisionParker Hannifin has been serving the laser industry for years with a specialized range of industrial water chillers for precision cooling. Parker's Gas Separation and Filtration Division has recently expanded the product line and introduced a new chiller solutionthe Hyperchill Plus. The Hyperchill Plus is designed for safe and reliable operation in the most varied working conditions, providing precise and accurate control of the process fluid temperature. The availability of a wide range of accessories and options makes Hyperchill Plus a flexible cooling solution. 

Features and benefits

  • Cooling capacities from 4,500 btu/hr to 65,000 btu/hr. 
  • A differential pressure switch ensures a system shut down in the case that the circuit runs dry.
  • Non-ferrous hydraulic circuit maintains the quality of the coolant ensuring stable working conditions, improved productivity and decreased maintenance costs.
  • Compact design provides a space saving and easy to install solution.
  • Condenser filters reduce dirt, preventing system downtime.
  • High reliability and low energy consumption even in extreme ambient conditions


A partner you can trust

We know each application in the industry is different, that is why our dynamic engineering team can design and optimize the chiller for your process, providing you the benefits of reliable laser performance. Trust Parker’s global service network and our years of industry experience for your water cooling needs. 


For more information on the new Hyperchill Plus, view this interactive presentation and download the brochure.

How to Achieve Reliable and Accurate Function of Lasers - Cover Interactive Guideimage - Parker Hannifin

This post was contributed by the Gas Generation Technology Team - Parker Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division.


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