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How to Change Your Engine and Machine Oil Faster, Cleaner and Safer

How to change your engine and Machine Oil Faster, Cleaner and SaferChanging the oil in your engines and machines sounds simple right? But we know the process can be complicated, messy and dangerous.

Even routine maintenance oil changes bring challenges such as:

  • Cramped engine compartments making access difficult, leading to safety and ergonomic risks for workers.
  • Having multiple access points that result in cross-contamination.
  • Removing a filter full of oil becomes difficult; leading to spills, environmental contamination, and cleanliness issues.
  • Each piece of equipment is different and may require a unique set of instructions and/or specialized training.
  • Inability to use the same oil changing system across multiple markets and machines.
  • Potential technician exposure to hot fluids.

The QuickFit™ solution

To alleviate these time-consuming challenges, our engineers designed the QuickFit™ Oil Change system -- a standardized, all-in-one solution that revolutionizes the process with a faster, cleaner and safer way to change the oil in engines and machines. The QuickFit system provides an accessible, single point connection that allows oil extraction directly into the final waste containment. That connection point is then used to refill the system with new oil. This reduces the total number of steps in the oil change process and eliminates any risk of safety hazards or spills. With less variability during routine maintenance, you can change engine and machine oil in three quick steps without ever spilling a drop!

Watch the video and see QuickFit in action:


Making oil changes easy as 1-2-3:

Change Your Filters as Easy as 1-2-3 With QUICKFIT - Figure 1 Purge Filter - Parker HannifinStep 1: purge filter

  • Attach compressed air supply to filter purge tool.

  • Attach purge tool to QuickFit Valve.

  • Hold lever on filter purge tool for 10 seconds to push oil through the filter into engine sump.

  • Disconnect filter purge tool.




Change Your Filters as Easy as 1-2-3 With QUICKFIT - Figure 2 Step 2 Evac oil - Parker Hannifin Step 2: Evac oil

  • Attach waste oil reel (with FEM female quick coupler) to QuickFit valve.

  • Turn waste oil pump on to remove oil from engine sump.

  • When the oil is removed from engine sump, disconnect the waste oil line.

  • Replace the oil filter.



Change Your Filters as Easy as 1-2-3 With QUICKFIT  - figure 3 Step 3 Refill oilStep 3: Refill oil

  • Attach clean oil hose (with FEM female quick coupler) to QuickFit valve.

  • Turn on the oil pump to refill clean oil through new oil filter.

  • When the oil is refilled to capacity, disconnect the oil line.



QuickFit kit components

The QuickFit kit contains everything you need to convert your system:

  • Parker QuickFit Valve.

  • Parker Push-Lok Hose.

  • Parker Adapters/Fittings.

  • Parker QuickFit Bracket

  • Equipment specific installation guide with images and detailed instructions

Oil changes in under 30 minutes 

The QuickFit oil change system makes changing your engine and machine oil a faster, cleaner and safer process. Now, maintenance becomes simple, your productivity goes up, and risk of spills and contamination is virtually eliminated with this one standardized solution.

Ready to get started or have questions? Locate the Parker Distributor near you.

Learn more about Parker's QuickFit™ Oil Change System


How to Change Your Engine and Machine Oil Faster, Cleaner and Safer | Matthew Walley, product sales manager, Parker Hannifin Quick Coupling DivisionArticle contributed by Matthew Walley, product manager, QuickFit product. Quick Coupling Division.





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