How to Choose a Water Treatment System Supplier for Power Generation

How to Choose a Water Treatment System Supplier for Power Generation - Power Plant Image - Parker Hannifin Water Purification DivisionToday, ultra-pure water is a primary concern for operators of new and existing combined cycle power generation plants. Whether you are an EPC engineer designing a new power plant or an operations manager considering an equipment upgrade, partnering with the right water treatment equipment supplier can be the determining factor in successful startup, commissioning, and trouble-free operation or costly system failure and shutdown. This article explores the criteria to consider when selecting a water treatment supplier. 


Understanding customer needs

Partnering with a water treatment system supplier who understands your needs is critical to the short and long-term success of your project. The main goals of any system project are to:

  1. meet project budgets.

  2. increase the productivity of the overall system.

  3. provide quality systems and components.

The supplier must understand and place priority on providing a comprehensive system solution that not only meets timeline and budget objectives but also delivers the quality and support necessary for continuous trouble-free operation. To this end, the supplier must offer their knowledge and experience as your consultant to help you understand the best use of your dollars.

To do this, their perspective on the project must be in line with your objectives. Your post-installation success and productivity are reliant on the decisions you make during the design, manufacturing, and installation phases. In the end, your reputation with your customers will tie back to the partnership you have with your supplier. Knowing that your supplier is a reliable partner you can depend on to help navigate the long list of activities needed for successful commissioning, startup, and reliable plant operation is invaluable. 


All suppliers are not created equal

Many factors come into play when deciding on a water treatment equipment supplier. When researching suppliers, you should consider:

  • company reputation

  • global reach

  • engineering design expertise

  • vertical integration

  • technology

  • testing and certification

  • delivery, commissioning, and startup

  • support services

Some suppliers have earned poor reputations for not properly supporting their equipment, others do not have a global presence, and most outsource system components and do not have the engineering design expertise to offer customized solutions. Many suppliers are still using costly, unsafe, and outdated deionized water systems. 


Go with a pro

Parker Hannifin, the global leader in providing desalination systems and purification equipment to the leisure marine, commercial, defense, disaster relief, industrial water, and oil and gas markets for over 35 years, has recently expanded its water treatment solutions for the power industry to include water purification systems for land-based power stations.

How to Choose the Right Water Treatment System Supplier for a Power Plant - Combined Cycle Power Plant - Parker Hannifin Water Purification Division


Global reach

With approximately 50,000 employees in almost 50 countries, 13,000 distribution and maintenance/repair outlets, and over 1,500 Parker Stores, Parker offers a global network of specialists to work closely with customers to ensure their system is delivered and commissioned promptly, properly, and supported 24/7/365 worldwide.


How to Choose the Right Water Treatment System Supplier for a Power Plant - Process Water Treatment Solutions Brochure Image - Parker Hannifin Water Purification DivisionRead this brochure to learn more about turnkey water treatment solutions for power generation applications.







Engineering expertise

Known for its engineering expertise and high quality, innovative products, Parker offers custom engineered complete water system solutions designed to meet performance objectives and increase efficiency and productivity while minimizing life-cycle costs and your environmental footprint.


Vertical integration

All system components are manufactured in Parker ISO-certified facilities for control over every step of the manufacturing process – from mandating the quality of raw materials to construction and performance testing – delivering the level of quality, expertise, and control needed to optimize applications for a lower total cost of ownership.


Advanced technology

Parker’s reverse osmosis (RO) – electro-deionization (EDI) system eliminates the need for toxic chemicals and the high operating costs associated with deionized water systems. Parker’s advanced membrane filtration technology maximizes system recovery and minimizes the amount of discharge. Any remaining discharge can be trucked away, eliminating the need for an evaporation pond or a costly evaporation crystallizer.


Delivered fully operational

Parker’s turnkey solutions arrive fully operational having been extensively tested to ensure flawless operation and adherence to safety standards. Parker systems and components are certified to:

  • ISO 14001:2004

  • ISO 9001:2008

  • CE

  • UL

  • IEC

  • ATEX


  • IEEE

  • NEC


Post-installation support

In addition to around the clock global technical support, Parker provides initial startup, commissioning, staff training, complete installation and operation documentation, and field service support. Parker also offers customized monitoring systems, operational analysis and alarm notification, and customized reporting and data analysis. A complete line of replacement and spare parts is offered as well. Rental systems are also available.

Water purification is a vital component of combined cycle power plant operation. Knowing the right criteria for selecting a water treatment supplier will help to ensure successful delivery, commissioning, startup, and trouble-free operation of your power plant. 


How to Choose a Water Treatment System Supplier for Power GenerationDownload the brochure: Process Water Treatment Solutions for Power Generation Applications.  



This article was contributed by Bioscience and Water Filtration Division


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