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How to Distinguish a Process Water Cooler from a Chiller

How to Distinguish a Process Water Cooler from a Chiller - industrial plant - Parker Gas Separation and Filtration Division EMEA There are numerous manufacturers in the water cooler market. Water coolers are also called chillers but it is important to draw a clear distinction between process water coolers and chillers for industrial or non-industrial cooling applications.

Many people think that all chillers for the industrial manufacturing sector are the same but there is a risk of making a huge error of judgment which could have an impact on the final choice for the application.


Chiller market


How to Distinguish a Process Water Cooler from a Chiller - Water Chiller Market - Parker Gas Separation and Filtration Division EMEA

When referring to cooling and climate control systems, we mean systems that can control both the temperature and the humidity level of a space. They are usually used for cooling rooms, electrical cabinets or other places where the water cooling temperature does not have to be precise and constant.

Chillers for cooling process water, on the other hand, are compression water cooling units that can be sub-divided, depending on the fluid used for the cooling of the condenser, into air-cooled and water-cooled. The most common cooling power range for installed systems is between 2 and 750 kW.

Process coolers for industry provide a high and constant degree of precision of the output water temperature (in all atmospheric conditions) and keep the fluid clean to prevent damage to the end user. In fact, process chillers are used to cool industrial machinery that requires the cooling fluid to be uncontaminated and at a precise and constant temperature. For example, in all of the hydraulic circuits of machines, if the oil temperature exceeds a certain limit, the machine shuts down with a resulting loss of productivity. Therefore, precise and constant cooling is both necessary and crucial for speeding up and improving production processes. When there is a need for accuracy and a water temperature lower than the ambient temperature, precision process coolers offer the only solution. A precision cooling chiller is a machine designed to cool water using a cooling circuit. It is a closed circuit which must ensure:

  • No waste of the cooling fluid.
  • No control of outlets.
  • Control of the water quality.
  • Modularity: possibility for expansion.
  • Complete flexibility.
  • Water temperature can be set.
  • Independence from ambient conditions.


How to Distinguish a Process Water Cooler from a Chiller - Hyperchill Plus - Parker Gas Separation and Filtration Division EMEA

Applications requiring cooling capacities from 2kW to 24kW

Parker's Hyperchill Plus industrial water chiller is compact, easy to use, safe and reliable in all operating conditions — guaranteeing precise and accurate control of the water temperature. Cooling capacities range from 1.7kW to 23.6kW. The availability of a wide range of accessories and options makes Hyperchill Plus an extremely flexible solution which can satisfy demands in all industrial applications. Thanks to the non-ferrous hydraulic circuit, Hyperchill Plus ensures stable operating conditions, maintaining the highest possible quality and cleanliness, which has an ensuing positive impact on the efficiency and productivity of the process, reducing maintenance costs and system downtime. Each individual Hyperchill Plus is extensively tested in the factory to guarantee the highest possible levels of efficiency and reliability in all operating conditions.


Applications requiring cooling capacities from 28kW to 360kW

Parker's Hyperchill range of water chillers is designed specifically for industrial applications. Advanced solutions, the utmost attention to detail and a highly sophisticated production process have resulted in a compact, reliable and easy-to-use product that offers flexibility in a variety of conditions as well as precise control of the water temperature. The high level of efficiency and low operating costs make Hyperchill the perfect solution for the modern industry.

Parker is the leading supplier of water coolers for production processes which offer complete ease of use and a high degree of operational reliability thanks to the use of the latest technologies and the availability of a vast array of versions and accessories. The Parker liquid coolers range represents a simple but effective solution to most common problems arising from the use of water. The chart below contains general technical specifications.


How to Distinguish a Process Water Cooler from a Chiller - Hyperchill Technical Specifications - Parker Gas Separation and Filtration Division EMEA


How to Distinguish a Process Water Cooler from a Chiller - HyperChill Plus product bulleting - Parker Gas Separation and Filtration Division EMEATo learn more about Hyperchill Plus download the brochure







How to Distinguish a Process Water Cooler from a Chiller - Compressed Air and Gas Treatment Solutions - Parker Gas Separation and Filtration Division EMEAFor information on Parker's complete compressed air and gas treatment solutions including the Hyperchill range of water chillers, download the brochure.







How to Distinguish a Process Water Cooler from a Chiller - Fabio Bruno, application engineer_Parker Gas Separation and Filtration Division EMEAThis article was contributed by Fabio Bruno, compressed air purification, gas generation & process cooling application engineer, Parker Gas Separation and Filtration Division EMEA.






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