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How to Easily Connect Users to the Digital Plant

How to Easily Connect Users to The Digital Plant | Today's Digital Plant | Parker Hannifin Quick Coupling Division

IoT has given way to breakthroughs in everything from safety and efficiency to better decision-making and increased revenue generation. In power generation, the rise of the digital plant is helping companies enhance productivity through digitization.


Today's digital power plant

The digital plant promotes a streamlined network of processes, assets, and people by creating a real-time simulation of a plant’s operations that is accessible to all personnel, from C-level executives to maintenance technicians.

Imagine being able to see your plant’s processes — to visually identify issues that could lead to costly problems. By monitoring each of the physical plant’s assets through a digital replica, maintenance technicians can:

  • Make more intelligent and timely responses to potential issues.
  • Optimize assets and processes for more efficient operation and output.
  • Save time and money while improving engineering quality.


Predict asset performance and real-time operational monitoring

How to Easily Connect Users to the Digital Plant | SensoNODE Gold | Parker Hannifin Quick Coupling Division

The digital plant philosophy is at the heart of Parker’s forthcoming SensoNODE™ Gold Sensors and SCOUT™ Cloud Software. Launched in 2017, SensoNODE Gold and SCOUT Cloud take the proven diagnostic and condition monitoring potential of SensoNODE Blue sensors and SCOUT Mobile software, and offer it on a fully cloud-based platform. While SensoNODE Blue is an excellent solution for on-site wireless diagnostics, SensoNODE Gold allows users to access vital diagnostic information via their mobile device anywhere they have an internet signal.




“As business processes continue to leverage the cloud to improve efficiency, incorporating the Internet of Things into plant processes is the next logical step. With SensoNODE Gold, users have access to all the information they would get from SensoNODE Blue sensors but have 24/7 access from the cloud. Whether you’re at a business meeting across the country or checking your email on an airplane, you will be able to access real-time data on your assets.”

Tad Orstad, applications engineer, Parker Hannifin Fluid Connectors Group, Quick Coupling Division

While some platforms on the market focus on either predicting asset performance or monitoring operations in real-time, SensoNODE does both. SCOUT software allows users to access immediate diagnostic information and asset conditions while receiving notifications of potential issues. Users can also take advantage of SCOUT’s historic tracking ability to review trends over time to improve decision-making and optimize existing infrastructure.


Cut the cord: The 4-20mA transmitter turns any wired sensor into a wireless device

Wireless diagnostic solutions have greatly helped Parker customers improve efficiency and safety while reducing downtime. With no wires to get caught in machinery and equipment, users can easily record asset conditions while the asset is in use, making for more accurate diagnoses of equipment in a plant or in the field.

How to Easily Connect Users to the Digital Plant | 4-20mA Transmitter | Parker Hannifin Quick Coupling DivisionStill, some companies are hesitant to make a complete switch to a wireless infrastructure. For customers who have wired sensors in place, Parker offers the 4-20mA transmitter, which turns any wired sensor into a wireless device. Now, users can connect SensoNODE sensors to the 4-20mA transmitter to take advantage of either SensoNODE Blue’s on-site wireless connectivity, or SensoNODE Gold’s cloud-based connection. 

“This is a huge benefit to our customers who are having trouble swapping out their wired infrastructure for wireless. The device works with any 4-20mA sensor, making it easier to monitor any asset.”

David Shannon, business team manager, Parker Hannifin Fluid Connectors Group, Quick Coupling Division



High Strain Sensor Wins Gold at Sensors Midwest - David Shannon, business team manager, Parker Quick Coupling Division

Contributed by David Shannon, business team manager, Parker HannifinParker Quick Coupling Division





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