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How to Lubricate an O-Ring

How to lubricate an o-ring, o-ring, lubricate an o-ring, Parker O-Ring Division, Today we’re going to talk about lubrication of O-rings. Lubrication of O-rings is extremely important. The greatest benefit of using a lubricant is typically obtained during installation. Using a lubricant is going to decrease the surface friction of the O-ring helping to prevent abrasion, pinching or cutting of the O-ring during installation. Lubricating an O-ring can also help to seat the O-ring properly into the application, as well as aid and speed up automated assembly processes.

The proper method of applying a lubricant to an O-ring always seems to be an area of concern for many of our customers and there are many methods used in the marketplace.

  • One is to apply the lubricant to the O-ring using your fingers, your hand or a brush.

  • Another is to dip the O-ring into a container of the lubricant.

  • A third method commonly used is to dispense the O-ring lubricant into the seal packaging and use what we call the “shake and bake” method.

The common goal of all of these different lubrication methods is to have a thin uniform film applied to the entire surface of the O-ring when completed. This will ease installation and provide the best friction reduction.

Parker offers the O-Lube and Super O-Lube as well as many other surface treatments to aid in installation. Please visit the Parker O-Ring Division for more information on these products. Watch this video for our demonstration:


It's what you don't see that makes it a Parker O-ring. Be sure and bookmark our always-up-to-date online interactive O-Ring eHandbook.


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Comments for How to Lubricate an O-Ring

good refrance
Meghan Joyce
Very nice tips. Please suggest me some best friction reducing lubricant oil for machines. I was looking from a long time, your blog is quite helpful.
Oilfield Products
Dorothy Kern, Application Engineer Team Lead
Thanks for the question Meghan,

The individual machine manufacturer would be the best able to comment regarding friction reducing oils.

With respect to the O-ring, our two lubricants, O-Lube and Super O-Lube, are both very good. Selection will depend on the O-ring material and the operating temperature of the fluid that is being sealed.

For discussion on selecting an O-ring lubricant, can we offer them to contact us directly at OESmailbox (at) parker (dot) com or to call us at 859-335-5101?

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