How to Survive Six More Weeks of Snowplowing

ParkerStore_Snowplow_How to Survive Six More Weeks of SnowplowingIf you are in the northern U.S., you probably know the Groundhog warned us about six more weeks of winter. Snowplow operators – you can keep winter at bay (and prevent headaches) with reliable hydraulic lift system replacement parts and service from your local ParkerStore.

Pioneer snowplow couplings

Pioneer Snowplow Couplings are heat-treated to provide excellent wear resistance and are plated with clear chromate (Chrome 6 Free) to provide outstanding corrosion resistance in the harsh salt and sand environment. The 4000 Series 1⁄4” body couplings are a double shut-off poppet design with a superior elastomeric seal on the poppet valve that will prevent the seepage of hydraulic fluid when the coupling is disconnected. This coupling is interchangeable with other manufacturers’ snowplow couplings.

Hydraulic hose

Parker is the leading manufacturer of hydraulic hose, fittings and crimping technology and your ParkerStore is well stocked with durable hoses of all sizes to replace a hose if you go down. Our GlobalCore hydraulic hoses are designed, built, and tested to the ISO 18752 specification, so they are built to take the heat (and the cold!) of plowing activities.
ParkerStore_Global Core Hose_How to Survive Six More Weeks of Snowplowing


Corrosion resistant fittings

ParkerStore_ToughShield_How to Survive Six More Weeks of Snowplowing

Steel tube fittings and adapters from Parker feature ToughShield (TS1000) enhanced standard plating. 

This ultra-resistant plating prolongs part life by up to 1,000 hours, offering unmatched corrosion protection at no additional cost. Fittings and adapters have the same torque values, coefficient of friction, pressure ratings, color and other specifications as the previous non-plated products.

ParkerStore also offers stainless steel fittings and adapters for the ultimate in corrosion protection.

Caps and plugs

Protective caps and plugs play a crucial role in the life of a quick coupling by covering the connecting surfaces when the coupler and nipple are disconnected. They help to keep contaminants out of the fluid system and are available with tether straps to keep them nearby when coupling halves are connected. Also available at your ParkerStore are color-coded caps and plugs to help visually identify connecting lines.
ParkerStore_Narrowed Plugs_How to Survive Six More Weeks of Snowplowing
For more information about these and other tough-duty fluid system components designed to take the cold (and the heat!) visit your local ParkerStore.

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