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HVACR Tech Tip: How to Convert a Parker A8/SPORT Valve to a Sporlan Electric CDS Valve

HVACR Tech Tip: How to Convert a Parker A8/Sport Valve to a Sporlan Electric CDS Valve - product photo of CDS Valve - Parker SporlanWith more and more supermarkets upgrading from mechanical valves to the superior performance of CDS valves, knowing how to install a Sporlan CDS Conversion Kit will help save considerable time and expense. 

Sporlan presents the next generation of CDS Conversion Kits that make it possible to convert nearly all A8 or SPORT pressure regulators into Sporlan, stepper motor valves. The retrofit is easy with a typical installation only taking about 30 minutes and provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced complexity
  • Eliminates brazing
  • Easy installation

Easy steps

The Sporlan CDS Conversion Kit eliminates the need for time-consuming, and sometimes dangerous brazing because the existing A8 or SPORT valve body stays in the system piping. The conversion kit reduces valve complexity and external seal surface area.

The conversion kit creates tight seating for defrost and pump-down applications and doesn’t require pressure drop for operation. Installation can be performed any time of the year without worrying about how ambient temperatures will affect the valve readings.

To minimize downtime of the refrigeration system, it is recommended to install and set up the valve control and sensors before or while the refrigerant is being recovered from the circuit. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setting up your valve controller to complete the system upgrade.

Once installed, the Sporlan CDS Conversion Kit will pay for itself through improved system performance, future serviceability, diagnostic capabilities, food freshness, energy consumption and your bottom line. Ask your Authorized Sporlan Wholesaler about converting today. And for easy implementation and optimal performance, make sure to pair your conversion kit with a Sporlan Pressure or Temperature Control.

Follow our detailed video on how to perform this change in the field.

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