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HVACR Tech Tip: Interchangeable Cartridge Style Thermostatic Expansion Valves Save Time & Money

HVACR Tech Tip: Interchangeable Cartridge Style Thermostatic Expansion Valves Save Time & Money - Q BQ Thermostatic Expansion Valves - Parker Sporlan Division

Contractors provide service to customers with many different system applications in the field with an even wider variety of capacity requirements. Today, the number of refrigerants that a contractor might encounter is simply never ending! While not every system is fitted with a TEV, there are literally thousands of different TEV variations in the market place.

Can you imagine how hard-pressed wholesalers are to stock every version of a valve that might be needed for routine service? This is mind-boggling and needless to say, the contractor is even more unlikely to have the right valve on a service truck for that emergency service or repair job.


How does a contractor or wholesaler solve this problem?

Turn to Sporlan’s interchangeable cartridge style TEV product line, the type Q and BQ. Simply select the thermostatic element, the body and the right sized cartridge for the application and assemble the parts. They are even available with conventional (Q) and balanced port (BQ) construction. These easy to select and assemble valves mean you’re always carrying the right valve for the job.

Carry the Sporlan Q and BQ valve on your truck and stay on the job…not cruising around looking for parts! You save time and keep customers happy. It is simple. It is easy. It is economical. It just makes sense.


What are the advantages of the Q and BQ thermostatic expansion valves?

The mix-and-match components of the Q and BQ product line satisfy thousands of applications. With access to these components, you will be able to assemble valves that are just right for most refrigerated cases, coolers, or freezers and even air conditioning applications.


HVACR Tech Tip: Interchangeable Cartridge Style Thermostatic Expansion Valves Save Time & Money - Q BQ Thermostatic Expansion Valves - Parker Sporlan DivisionWhat is involved in the valve assembly?

It is really very easy. Select the correct thermostatic element, the right body assembly and finally pick the cartridge required to handle the system load and thread them all together. Sporlan has easy to follow graphical instructions and literature.




What is so special about the way the cartridge is installed in these valves?

The Q and the BQ valve cartridge is installed through the top of the valve body. This unique design means these valves can use ODF solder or SAE flare fittings. It also means the valve capacity can be changed with a replacement cartridge and the connections can be left undisturbed; simply isolate the valve from system pressure and have at it. No need to remove the Q or BQ valve from the system. 


How do I make sure I have the right sized valve?

With 7 different cartridge sizes for the type Q valve and 5 different sized cartridges for the balanced port type BQ, including a bleed port option in 4 of the BQ cartridges, you have many options available to put the right valve together for the job. 


What types of refrigerants are compatible with the Q and BQ valves?

The Q and BQ valves are compatible with the new refrigerants on the market, like R-448A and R-449A. They are also compatible with R-22 and the common replacements such as R-422D, R-407A, R-407C and R-407F. And the BQ with its balanced port construction is perfect for high-pressure refrigerants like R-410A. 

The replaceable thermostatic element feature increases the flexibility of the Q and BQ thermostatic expansion valves. This allows the thermostatic elements to be replaced during system conversions to a new refrigerant, or for service, without replacing the valve or removing the valve from the system.


Why should I carry a Q and BQ TEV case?

Carrying a stocked Q or BQ TEV case helps prepare contractors and service technicians for most situations - eliminating costly trips back and forth to the wholesaler and special orders. The case can be customized with the components in the greatest demand. With just the components supplied in the Q or BQ case, you can configure valves to satisfy over 100 unique applications.

Learn more about Parker Sporlan Q and BQ thermostatic expansion valves:

Bulletin 10-10 - Sporlan Thermostatic Expansion Valves

Bulletin 210-10-19 - Sporlan BQ Cross Reference

Form 10-165 - Sporlan Type Q and BQ - Interchangable Cartridge TEVs

SD-240 - Parker Sporlan Q and BQ Thermostatic Expansion Valve installation instructions


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HVACR Tech Tip: Interchangeable Cartridge Style Thermostatic Expansion Valves Save Time & Money - Jim Jansen, Senior Application Engineer - Parker Sporlan Division

Article contributed by Jim Jansen, senior application engineer, Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin






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