Hydraulic Hybrid Technology Demonstrated on CNG Fueled Refuse Truck

RunWise Hydraulic Hybrid Technology Demonstrated on CNG Fueled Refuse TruckParker has partnered with Autocar, Heil and Republic Services to develop and validate a proof of concept Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueled refuse truck equipped with the RunWise Advanced Series Hybrid Drive System. The demonstration was conducted in Chula Vista, California over one month on a collection route typically served by a traditional CNG truck.

RunWise is an advanced series hybrid drive system with brake energy recovery. The brake energy recovery system converts the vehicle’s kinetic energy into stored energy by compressing nitrogen gas in a storage device called an accumulator. This stored energy is then released during acceleration to reduce the energy required from the engine to propel the vehicle.

As a vehicle fuel source, natural gas provides comparable amounts of power and acceleration to diesel, while producing lower levels of emissions and particulates, all at a significantly lower cost.

RunWise improves upon the typical gains achieved by using natural gas as a fuel source, making these refuse trucks the cleanest environmental solution on the road today. As many municipalities and fleet operators look to convert to CNG, the RunWise system is attractive to those who are under pressure to meet reduced emissions mandates.

Hydraulic Hybrid Technology Demonstrated on CNG Fueled Refuse Truck“We are pleased with the initial results of the CNG powered RunWise refuse trucks. Test data shows that the RunWise system is delivering up to 20 percent incremental fuel savings over traditional CNG trucks and a 10% improvement in productivity, and we can anticipate that reduced brake wear and routine maintenance requirements will also contribute to the value of these clean energy vehicles.”

- Shane Terblanche, General Manager, Hybrid Drive Systems Division

Parker will continue to develop this technology with its industry partners to commercialize a CNG option for its RunWise Advanced Series Hybrid Drive System.

With a million miles of operation and 99 percent uptime, Parker’s RunWise technology has proven effective in consistently providing significant reductions in fuel consumption and emissions resulting in numerous repeat orders, and drivers who appreciate the responsiveness and reduced noise. RunWise is unmatched in its ability to reduce emissions and allows for smooth transitions between stopping and accelerating that result in quieter garbage pick-ups for neighborhood residents.

Click here to learn more about the CNG fueled RunWise refuse truck, and visit the links below to learn more about hydraulic hybrid technology. 

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