Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid Engineered for Low Maintenance

Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid Engineered for Low MaintenanceWork in the turf industry can be tough, dirty and unforgiving. The last thing you need is for the machine to fail in the midst of a job. Machine failure leads to unscheduled maintenance and an increased amount of time in the field. To prevent this costly downtime, it is essential that fluids are routinely checked and replaced, namely transmission fluid.

Transmission fluid is the lifeblood of a hydraulic system. Without transmission fluid, hydraulic pumps and motors cannot perform the powerful tasks that are required for many different applications. Unfortunately, most hydraulic fluids are merely repackaged mineral oils with contaminants that reduce oil lubricity, high amounts of sulfur that accelerate corrosion and unstable chemistries that lead to phase separation and “gunked-up” gears. Coupled with a 500-hour maximum life, the current market of transmission fluids provides hassle, downtime and uncertainty.

To cover this market gap, Parker Hannifin’s Pump Motor Division has developed HT-1000, an engineered oil, molecularly homogenized transmission fluid with the highest starting lubricity, longest life and highest cleanliness standard on the market.



Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid Engineered for Low Maintenance Transmission Fluid Comparison Pump Motor Division

HT-1000 was developed by Parker engineers in partnership with the world’s best formulators over 18 months. The oil combines the best, state-of-the-art “know-how.” Starting with the highest quality, lowest contaminant Group II base oil, HT-1000 is formulated to unmatched molecular homogeneity and packaged to the most uncompromising cleanliness standard. Each HTE, HTJ and HTG transmission developed and built by Parker is tested and shipped with HT-1000 to promote longevity and efficiency.




"The brief going into this project was to create the best hydraulic fluid, ensure the lowest cost, maintain Parker hydraulics and spare no cost or effort in the process. We were clear from the start that we needed to engineer what was missing in the industry, if the laws of science allowed it. If we couldn't leap frog the competition, we weren’t interested. Parker formulated fluids are engineered to deliver best performance and longest maintenance intervals."

Jason Richardson, lead engineer on the HT-1000 project, Parker Hannifin Corporation



Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid Engineered for Low Maintenance

HT-1000 is available for purchase online in 1-quart bottles, 1-gallon jugs, 5-gallon buckets and 55-gallon drums. HT-1000 is also available in 325-gallon bulk totes and 5000-gallon tankers by special request.

The Pump and Motor Division is a market leader in gear pump and low speed-high torque gerotor motors that continues to blaze the trail with the development of new technologies while maintaining the high level of service synonymous to Parker. Between its two locations in North Carolina and Tennessee, the division employs decades of industry experience to better serve you and your application.





Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid Engineered for Low Maintenance CT Lefler Pump Motor DivisionArticle contributed by C.T. Lefler, Marketing product manager, Parker Hannifin Corporation.





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