IFPE 2014 Showcases Innovative Products and Systems for Heavy-Duty Vehicle Design

Parker showcases innovative products and systems for heavy-duty vehicles at IFPE 2014The co-located IFPE and CONEXPO-CONAGG show, which occurs every three years in Las Vegas, Nevada, is among the largest tradeshows in the world. This year the international expo attracted nearly 130,000 attendees, and manufacturers and suppliers gathered to demonstrate the latest technologies in the construction industry.

Parker’s booth at IFPE 2014 featured innovative products and systems to improve the efficiency and performance of heavy-duty construction vehicles. While a variety of solutions from Parker’s different groups demonstrated the company’s broad range of capabilities, the booth was organized into four primary areas in which Parker products and systems can be found on heavy-duty vehicles: the cab, implement, engine and chassis.



Heavy-duty vehicle design emphasis

Parker showcases innovative products and systems for heavy-duty vehicles design for cab at IFPE 2014Cab Design

The cab display at Parker’s IFPE booth highlighted the ways in which we are partnering with manufacturers to improve the safety, comfort and productivity of heavy-duty vehicle operators. Visitors were able to learn about Parker’s new display modules, GPS telematics systems, ergonomic joysticks and other solutions helping to improve heavy-duty vehicle cab design.



IFPE showcases Innovative Products and Systems for Heavy-Duty Vehicle Design for engines - Parker HannifinEngine Design

As fuel costs rise and emissions standards become increasingly stringent, it is becoming increasingly important to maximize the efficiency of heavy-duty vehicle engines.  Parker’s engine display at IFPE demonstrated how, by providing a range of hoses, filters, PTOs and other products, Parker partners with engine manufacturers to reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of heavy-duty vehicles without impacting performance.


Parker showcases innovative products and systems for heavy-duty vehicles design for chassis at IFPE 2014Chassis Design

A hydraulic system is only as capable as the fluid conveyance technologies it consists of, so among the most important components of any hydraulic system are the seals, wipers and O-rings that contain the fluid. Parker experts were on hand at the chassis display at IFPE to explain to attendees that, given the extreme temperatures and pressures the systems experience, utilizing the right kind of materials on a heavy-duty vehicle chassis can make the difference between years of successful operation and frequent failures and breakdowns.


Implement Design

Parker showcases innovative products and systems for heavy-duty vehicle design for implement at IFPE 2014Recent advancements in heavy-duty implement design have been characterized by the transition from mechanical to electronic implement control systems. By combining heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders and pumps with precise electronic sensors, Parker offers vehicle operators greater responsiveness, finer control, increased efficiency and an unparalleled level of ruggedness and reliability.


Overall, Parker’s booth at IFPE 2014 was prominently located near the entrance of the Las Vegas Convention Center and was well-attended throughout the week.

Participation at the show was mutually beneficial for Parker and those who visited our booth; Parker experts were able to educate attendees how our products help to increase heavy-duty vehicle efficiency and maximize performance, while also gaining a unique perspective from customers on the latest trends in the construction industry.


Review of top Innovative products for heavy-duty vehicle design

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